Sunday, December 4, 2011

Virtua Fighter revision 1 A is out in Japan

All the new changes in this and more will be in Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown when it is released on consoles.   The few system changes in this version are frame advantages/disadvantages after a throw escape on certain throws.

The   obvious  additions are all   the new costumes!  Check it  out!

Can't wait to get that new Goh costume!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fighter's Corner!

Announcing my new Web series,"FIGHTER's CORNER". Completely dedicated to fighting games, primarily  VF5.  It will also be a countdown site  to  the release of Virtua Fighter 5:Final Showdown!  Good times ahead, my brothers.



Here's the link to  Episode One

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Bingo Book: Ongoing Virtua Fighter 5 Player Enemies List.

These are the VF players I'm targeting for termination. Some are just great rivals, some are cunts from VFDC that ran their mouth's against the Don.   Other are jerk-offs that sucked so bad on Xbox Live (see. Happy Friend ) that they spent the entire match mashing 2P or just PPP, and got dissed online, and when on VFDC forum to bitch about how they got their sensitive little feelings  hurt.  They called down the thunder and now they've got it!  Some have already been beat down on Xbox Live, but they need a second dosage.  Some talk all kinds of shit on VFDC about how elite they are, yet they haven't  been online since the second month Virtua Fighter 5 Online was released. <---Not only that but when I played them  offline in Manhattan they really weren't shit.(Oioron).

  So here's the rogues gallery of homos and losers that are due for 3 game sweeps followed up by stomps after the match.

SHANG:  This Chinese queer is actually a renegade of VFDC like myself. That ought to make him an ally of mine.   PROBLEM is he's an uncle tom Chinese racist prick.  Not to give caucasian racists  too much credit, chinese fag is just racist because he want's to be racist. Point blank, one of the reason's he  was banned several times is because he has a penchant for saying racists comments against African Americans.  This cunt  even had the nerve, or stupidity, to use the racist N word against ME, the DON, on his crappy blog.
He's  a classic case of letting your mouth write a check your ass can NOT CASH. ,
I mean this dork was  afraid to do a first to  ten money match against Cozby in person, because he was afraid Cozby would rob him.  I've seen Cozby in person  at EVO and Summerjam,he's a little wimp who makes Erkel look like Conan The Barbarian. If you're afraid  of  Cozby why the fuck would you start shit with me., of all people.   Blood Clot stupid.

   He's an online warrior pussy so he will continue to hide under a rock and talk shit on Xbox live.   I'd like to see this fortune cookie eating rice paddy farmer call me a racial slur to my face.  BINGO BOOK ENEMY NUMBER ONE with a bullet.  Use's a spammy reckless Wolf.   All too easy to take down. Unfortunately I'll have to settle on owning him online.

Sudden Death :  The only one on this list that was actually any good.  He's a Jeffrey player and a pretty good one. He's also a fat broke bum  and a hopeless nerd.   I really think he couldn't afford that $12 it cost to play VF5 at NY Clan.  I really need to get some rematches against him, when we fought, I barely knew how to play VF5.

Konjou Akira : This vag started a flame war with me becuase I corrected one of his idiot friends about how to up  load a replay . 
It was funny seeing us clash in NYClan: we both used Akira. He clearly just started FV at VF4 as he did mostly only VF4 Akira's moves. Ive been playing Vf since VF 1, so my Akira favors VF2  moves more.
I stomped the hell out of him with Vannessa months later on XBL 2 rounds straight, when he was about to  lose the final round,  he resorted to using Akira's ten foot toss and juggle me for a ring out.  The Video is going upon Youtube as we speak. http://www.youtube.com/user/GoDokuNoDAN?feature=mhee
Months later after I mastered El Blaze we had a great match that was close,but he eeked out a win  . All three referred matches are going up on my Godokunodan youtube channel .
     Later I beat him with El Blaze actually against his Akira, and later beat his Kage with Vanessa.
This goddamn Crispy faced Flavor Flav clone is a total pussy and basically spams Akira's easiest moves from VF4 nonstop.  I wanted to destroy this ankle biter on XBL, but unfortunately the little pussy quit playing online a month after the game came out.  I'll have to catch him the first month  of VF5 FS release,I guess.

Oioron:   I have played this clown offline. He uses Kage and likes to spam his UF P+G thow, and yell "T-Bag"  What an asshole.  I was at NYCLAN , and he was explaining how to play VF to a new Player. He's like," when You are at disadvantage, throw escape".  And yet we where at NYCLAN for over two hours and He never did one throw escape once.  He's one of those theory fighters.  He talks a good game, but doesn't have the skills to back it up.  When VF5 first came out they had it on Display and you could play it at Best Buy ( at least I think it was him, it was this little Asian Dude.  No I'm not saying all chinese people look alike but I only met him twice at NYCLAN, so I could be wrong).      He and I happened to be there, and we were on that PS3 for like a damn Half hour like we lived there.  Akira (Me) vs Lei Fei (Him)  fighting tooth and nail.  We put on a pretty good show for the shoppers, as the average player doesn't know shit about VF and cant play it at  all.  He was doing ALL of Lei Fei's Moves, and I was busting him up using Akira.  This was 2007, so by that point I had 13 years experience using Akira.  It was all out WAR.  He talked alot of Shit to me in VFDC  because of my beef with Konjou.  This punk is going down.   Again, this asshole does'nt play VF at all on XBL since the very beginning when it was released. I've seen his name on the leaderboards , that's all.

Myke: this Pillow biting Camel Jockey is the admin for VFDC banned me about three times, taking the sides of assholes like Sudden or LA Akira,  simply because I wasn't impressed by the latter's overpriced Virtua Stick High grade cabinet.   This  minor annoyance escalated to intense hatred when he proceeded to hound my alts on VFDC.   I don't have to take any shit from some four foot 7-11 clerk so I told him to go fuck himself.
He's a third-rate Kage player who sucks, and often fails to win tournaments even in the dismally small VF community in Austrailia, his home.  He's another Jackass that runs his mouth about VF more than he actually plays it.  He hasn't been online since like the first two months of the Xbox 360 release. Ill have to target this little doucher early on in Final Showdowns 360 release.

Plague:  a Fat , 40 year old annoying Jerkoff that Mods VFDC.  As much as he runs his mouth on VFDC you'd  think he would be much better.  It's called Stun palm OF DOOM,not Stun Palm 'O Doom,you drunk irish asshole.  he's not  even that good,I want to kick his ass on XBL for sport.

SDS Overfiend: This douche is  a 360 fanboy who only started playing the game when VF5 was released on 360, yet he talks like a pompous shithead that is some  VF expert, (What do you expect from an Xbot?)  even more typical of a 360 fanboy, he's a downlow faggot who outed himself  on VFDC  saying he likes watching the gay scenes on "Spatacus". I'm not joking! He actually said that. This is comedy gold, you can't make this stuff up!

Tony Familia:  This guy is funny, and not in a good way. He's  yet another 360 Fanboy, and big surprise he's the biggest flamer on VFDC. What does that tell you about 360 fanboys? I'm seeing a pattern here.   He uses Brad, in n00b fashion. He sucks at VF , he just uses VFDC as a chat room.  A complete loser , he only made the Enemies list because he trolled my Youtube channel.

Kung Fu Smurf: This little bitch was a heckler at NY Clan. Never seen this punk play  VF. He might be good, as he seems like a vet.     Team, XLP member.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Week Back on XBL

I ordered an XBox 360 slim  August 18, thursday. I thought,"why don't I test fate,and buy another 360? No VF5 FS announcement was in sight,and most likely the only way to play VF5 online will always be Xbox. Wouldn't it be ironic if Sega announced Final Showdown for consoles after I bought a 360?" ( I currently had a  PS3, so a VF5 FS announcement would most likely be on PS3 and have multiplayer,solving my mp vf fix.)

    Anyway, my first few matches were against scrubs.   Then some Jacky player kicked my El Blaze's ass. Mind you , I'm mad rusty.   The only VF playing I've done in the past year was mastering Akira's  1-Frame Knee (see above vid  )  .  So yeah I beat him 2 out of  five rounds,  but he won the match. Mind you, I had not yet secured my arcade stick to its stand tray, or the stand tray to the floor.  Hence my rigorous aggressive move inputs were shifting the stick all over the place,  and screwing up,or delaying my inputs.
A few days later I played an Akira player who was pretty good.he beat me a few times.I still hadn't secured my stick to its stand,so again my inputs were allover the place. It was still fun,and I actually used the Akira's 1-Frame Knee in a match!! Al that practice paid  off!    I got around to securing my stick and stand firmly in place,  now its ON!!!   Now I just have  to set up my wired connection.   In those preliminary matches I was using wi-fi,questionable for VF online. If you want spot on screen to stick
parity,    you have to use a hardline!

Friday, September 2, 2011

  • Down P+K gives good advantage on Block. Basically any move that gives good advantage on block is what you want to start your offessive with, followed up by short quick attacks to take advantage of the + frame advantage.
    Other notable advantage on block moves are:
    Tornado spin punch ,P+K+G , p
    Offensive move kick up P+K+G , K(this move gives everybody advantage on block.
    • Posted Jul 15,
  • Forward roll, HCF P, then P, k does high damage. Get used to using that as much as Ryus fireball. El Doesnt have many high damage one hit moves. his strengths are his combos, his staggers and his high number of special highs.
    Special highs are moves that will counter- hit a crouching opponent if they try to low punch or low kick.
    The nitaku situation is this, After you stagger an opponent, they are either going to break the stagger and block, or break the stagger and low punch-kick.
    So if the guy your fighting is really good, he'll see what you do after a stagger first. If hes somewhat good he'll low punch or low kick, , and if he sucks , he'll break stagger and block.
    So if he does nothing throw him with your highest damaging throw. If hes ok do a special high like up P+K, uf P+K ,k , then combo with whatever you can, preferably p,p f+P, k and stomp.
    Also his stance turn (Demon something or the other) P+K+G sabaki's (deflects, parries) high punches and kicks, giving you again the above nitaku situation, special High or throw. A third choice is hit him with your hit throw, b, dfP+K, f+P+G, only if you SAbaki(deflect ) his high kick. An opponent that is parried doing a high kick takes a while to recover, and the Scratch rush hit throw (b,dfP+K, f+P+G ) does maximum damage.
    still working on El Blaze, Ive got some other choice tactics and info on him, more latter.
    Ok , to follow up, DIRECTLY after Scratch rush hit throw,hit forward. It will cause El Blaze togo directly into the Rocket Discharge.   From  Rocket DC, do the high throw.  Fantasm.. It does high damage. B,F K, pp ,then hold Forward, that is another combo that shortcuts directly into Rocket DC, when running at the opponent,observe what he  does. This is your nitaku during the Rocket discharge. If your opponent stays standing, Do the Fantasm high throw.. If he Ducks to avoidthe Fantasmor your dropkicks, HIT HIM WITh DF, DF P+K+G   (33P+K+G) it is El Blazes Low throw ,  the SPREAD WING. It is a flying DDT ! It does Heavy Damage that will END your opponent.

                           El Blaze has lots of cool features.  His DB P+K causes crumple.  he has an easy (lag permiting) hit throw, P+K+G, k,then when K hits,P+G.
     VF5 has a feature (which unfortunately will be removed form VF5 FS) where you can low throw an opponent who is in stomach crumple.  El Blaze has two moves that cause Stomach crumple on counter hit: bf P+K(the  Hammer Smash),  and the other is D,F+PK( the Shadow Hammer).  You can buffer directly into Shadow Hammer by crouch dashing, (DF,DF)33,then hit F+P+K..  The only problem with ElBlaze on Xbox Live is the lag.  The  lag makes it impossible to hit check your counter hits that cause stomach crumple.  So you have to do the LOw throw  command (in the case of Spread Wing , 33 P+K+G) in advance before you see if the attack hits. This puts you in a dangerous situation,because  if the attack is blocked or it's a normal hit,  your opponent wont stomach crumple and you will be stuck doing a whiffed low throw animation. In other words,your F---ed.  You can get comboed and possibly lose because of this. 
        Another cool low throw option is DP+K+G, then K+G. The kick will nail your opponent as he reels from the low throw, doing great damage.
                             Also when you catch somebody in an untechable knockdown,  you can okizeme (ground attack)them with UB P+K (7 P+K) . Its a flipping splash. It's a great okizeme move because it flips over low rising kicks,and if your opponent is prone near  the wall,you can land it on him twice before he can stand.  UP and P+K , the Jumping Hammer Knuckle is a good move to do if you are at disadvantage . It jumps over lows and you cann PPPk combo  off of it.

    My advice is if you land a stomach crumple on Xbox Live and you're   not willing to risk miss landing the low throw because of lag,  opt to pppk combo him instead for some guaranteed damage.

    When rising from crouch,hit k to do Blazes knee launcher for easy Pppk combo damage.  Just don't abuse it. It's slow and you can get punished if they read it.


Akira's Infamous1 frame knee

On the Scene at PAX Prime 2011

Akira's Infamous 1-frame knee

The holy grail of all Virtua fighter moves explained

Dec 25, 2010 5:00AM PST

Akira's Knee (Teish1tsu Dantai)
Image 1

1 frame Knee on Dural During side Crumple in round 3.
1-Frame Knee (Teish1tsu dantai) on Kage in round 1 after 6+k knee, and again secoonds later after Ten foot toss
Teish1tsu Dantai on Vanessa in beginning of Video, right after standing palm.
First of all use an arcade stick with quality arcade parts, like the Virtua Stick High Grade , a Mad Catz SF4 Tournament edition Fight Stick, or a Hori real Arcade Pro. ALL my blog entry advice is based off a Virtua Stick High Grade. If you want to argue you can use whatever stick,it and it doesn't matter,youre crazy and you are just making it harder on yourself.If you want to ice skate uphill, by all means go ahead, but I can't help you.
Virtua Fighter 5 Thumbnail 63

Like Akira says,you're Ten years too early! isclaimer End: The move in question here is the coveted Akira's Knee , **** DANTAI , the move that has haunted players for over a decade. You have to press K+G, then release G after ONE farme (one sixtieth of a second) while still holding K. It does 27 points of damage and it is a launcher, meaning it is INTEGRAL to combo's. Now, just like my notation on how to do the SPoD and The Basara, A light tap on the buttons is required initially K+G. This means less than a half press of the buttons. aYou have to Jump off the G button as quickly as possible though, while still holding K, for the **** Dantai to initiate. The kicker here is you have to watch Akira. The rule of the thumb here is IF AKIRA IS MOVING , AND YOU ARE STILL HOLDING BOTH K+G , YOU KNOW YOU ALREADY FAILED.
Virtua Fighter 5 Thumbnail 46

Try again. You have to treat the G button like it's HOT , press it quickly while pressing K but lightly. You have to only press K+G for ONE frame, then release G while holding K. My best advice is in training mode,don't watch the frame counter for this move .It's pointless to do it, and it will just agravate you looking at that thing. The closest I came to getting **** Dantai of while lookig at the frame counter is holding G+K for TWO frames then releasing G. It's better to not quantify frames in this case, your attention will be split between your input and watching the counter. And you won't have the frame counter display in a match anyway, so don't build up a reliance on it. Don't watch the frame counter , watch Akira. If he moves, and your still pressing K+G, you fail. You hve to be done pressing K+G and only pressing K by the time he animates. **** Dantai looks like this, Akira raises his knee 90 degrees to his body and folds his lead arm paralell to the ground. The move makes a deep thunder sounding side effect, the sound akira makes when he stomps the ground, and Akira Kias, (spirit shout in combat) . If you fail, Akira does the Zanshu, a knee move that does only 18 points of damage and doesnt launch opponents. The consolation is Zanshu is a canned combo with a special punch move. You just need to tell the difference between the **** and Zanshu. In Zanshu,Akiras knee goes up higher, 60 degrees from his body and he holds his lead arm straight up. But screw Zanshu, we want the **** Zantai here. After a **** Dantai, if you launch a lightweight (one of the girls) combo directly into 6P, 46+P , 33 46+P. Thats Akira's Knee, Elbow , standing Palm, Double Palm Strike for the uninitiated. For Heavyweights (Jeffrey Wolf ETC) do **** Dantai, 6P ,6P, 33 46+P. (Akira's Knee, elbow ,elbow, double palm.) combo 16 from the VF5 Black Book (on lightweights) Do **** Dantai, P, 33P , 33 46+P Combo 17 fromthe VF5 Black Book (on lightweights), Do **** Dantai, P, P 33 46+p These next two combos are harder because they END in **** Dantai, so you have to master **** Dantai by this point to do them. Combo 26 from the VF5 Black Book (any weight) 43+P, PK **** Dantai. Combo 27 from the VF5 Black Booksingle dash palm :hold 2,6+P,P (on hit,to do the canned elbow follow up) , **** Dantai. I myself can do the **** Dantai 1 out of 3 tries or 1 out of fours, so I have a 25% chance of landing most of these combos. +
Virtua Fighter 5 Thumbnail 122

 Me doing the 1 frame knee to cause  wall  splat.

Virtua Fighter 5 FINAL SHOWDOWN is coming to consoles!

Here's some background on VF5 FS:

   It's coming to PS3  and Xbox 360 as a downloadable game so  "PrepareYourself" for an August 2012 release!


VF5:FS supports TWITTER, all your conquest and rank advancements get reported to yout twitter account.
This will be my ongoing Virtua Fighter 5: Final showdown blog.
Here is the first trailer:
Here is a follow up trailer:
Here's the new Trailer:
see my http://www.1up.com version of this blog as GS is being retarded as usual and wont let me post it here. See updates for it later here.
It will feature news , gameplay tweeks, and most importantly links to videos of matches being played in Japanese arcades. WHEN not if, this game come to U.S. consoles, it will feature videos of matches played on Playstation network and XBox live (I'm buying both versions). When you see a video link that says http://www.nicovideo.com , copy and paste it in the search field of THIS url http://mmcafe.com/nico.html then click *watch*. Otherwise you will have to register at nico video, assuming you can read japanese for the reg form and they allow us gaijins to register.

Image 126
Don't fuck with Kage.

For example, the first nico video match is the best I've seen, El Blaze vs Vanessa MY TWO MAINS! AWESOME. Check out Vanessa has a new stance the she initiates by doing a jumping spinning heel kick . She lands prone, and from that prone stance she can kick you in the legs, , or toe hold takedown you so she can mount and Pummel you in the face. She actually lands the prone takedown later in the video. It's BRUTAL. Its like a hyper violent version of SHUN'S lie down prone stance , it baits people to attack so you can set them up. She can even do a taunt "come on!" to bait you further. Im goiug on vacation from work when this game comes out on Playstation 3. !!! http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm11275785 AGAIN in case you missed it, COPY AND PASTE this link in to this urls SEARCH FIELD< THEN CLICK THE *WATCH* button on the right.
VF5 final showdown features alot of Zoome vids, Zoome is a HIGH res version of youtube in Japan. YOUTUBE XL still sucks and isnt on this level of res, sadly.
Sarah vs Vanessa. I dont know why Vanessa is so light, like she has vitiliago, but whatever, it must be an optional skin tone you pick up in the item shop. VF5 is full of those for all characters. http://vision.ameba.jp/watch.do?movie=2789001
This youtube ElBlaze video highlights his new moves , also it illustrates something Sega brought back from VF3tb: if you do a full circular spin move and it is blocked, your animation is halted and it animates your attack being deflected. This is highly realistic, and it is a VISUAL CUE to tell you that, you are at HIGH frame disadvantage from getting your move blocked. This is awesome, I loved VF3. Check it out mid-vid Sarah gets her crescent kick blocked, and it shows her kick getting stuffed, stopped cold mid strike leaving her wide open.
EL Blaze Vs Sarah notice El Blaze now has several ground throws, new pounces, and his Scratch rush (hit throw) is changed to add a footsweep, and he can spit green mist in your face to guard breakl you like a real pro wrestler. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39pniy4_w_c
Yet more matches!!!
Keep in mind that these videos are from July's Location Test of Final Showdown, so in a lot of matches, its some n00b vs a seasoned player, and the n00b gets anhillated . It's annoying , and I apologize that some of the fights are not up to my high standards of VF gameplay.
A cool pic of Judgement 6 (the Virtua Fighter version of Shadowloo) monitoring the Tournament. Their assasin, Goh is Fighting Jacky. Jean Kujo, a new VF5 :R character and J6 member, is watching the fight with his bosses.

sorry GS says they dontb have the space for the pic.
More nico video vids
Blaze vs. Kage

Blaze vs. Akira

Blaze vs. Goh

Blaze vs. Jeffry

Blaze vs. Brad

Blaze vs. Sarah

Blaze vs. Wolf