Monday, August 13, 2012

Missed the Jaxel Dome.

God damn it.  I missed the Jaxel dome. I actually drove over there. My car overheated when I reached emerson New Jersey. I was so pissed off the headgasket blew, I   was trying to deal with the situation. The worst part was I left the house 11:50 or so, by the time I reached Emerson it was like 2:40 pm, the traffic was hurrendous. Those damn Google maps instructions were full of shit. They said it was a 1 hour 7 minute trip(BULLSHIT!!!), with all the traffic, it was more like a 2.5 hour trip.  The part that sucked was I would've tried to go to the tourney anyway, despite the disaster with the car, but when I looked at  my clock when I pulled over, it was 2:40 . the tournament started at 2PM.

Hopefully I can make it to Summer Jam VI without the train derailing.  I'm really pissed because I missed the local tournament in late June Team Stick bug threw(overslept), now this.   Sucks bigtime.

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