Monday, April 1, 2013

Shang Folds Like a PUNK , One Frame Kill is Dead

I told you this asshole was bipolar.  Shang, the annoying nasal voiced JackAss of One Frame Kill has apparently pussied out and shut down his blog .   Also , in another bitch move he offered up a lame public apology.  What a queer.  Be a man and stand by your convictions.  Look , the dude is at least 35 he has a brain in his head, anything he said or wrote he had time to think about as an adult.  He meant it .     Unless he's gonna tell us he has terettes syndrome , I don't accept any apology from him.   Being indecisive a fucking female trait.

    Guess he was tired of people cursing him out under anonymous names.  This must be his punk ass way of backing out of paying double to the guy who beats Chief Flash at Sega Cup.  He opened his big mouth, told everybody if they best Chief Flash at Sega Cup , he will double their winnings.  Guess he checked his checkbook and realized his mouth wrote a check his ass can't cash.  I'm pretty sure Denkai is going to Sega Cup so yeah,  Shang was sure to lose some money.   His wife probably told him no way is she going to let him cover that bet, you know she wears the pants in that family, Shang's a high-pitched-voiced bitch.

         What's his next move,  kiss Myke Abdow's ( I'm gunning For you at Sega Cup, Mother Fucker) ass and beg to be let back in VFDC,  only to be banned in a week for being a dick.   They never learn.   One Frame Kill is Dead, VFWarlord is still standing ! K fucking O !!!

Update: The shithead hasn't shut down the blog now, in another bout of indecisiveness, he's kissing everyone's ass instead of berating them.   The little punk bitch has lost his balls.  He must be on his meds.   A leopard doesn't change it's spots.

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