Monday, June 10, 2013

Happy Birthday YU SUZUKI

  The Mastermind behind Virtua Fighter , the visionary that created Shenmue was born today June 10, 1958.

Hake Birthday Suzuki-San.  It's Kind of coincidental that I was Playing Shenmue on Saturday after months of not continuing my  new play through.   Ive been playing a lot of Iphone games lately, and it got me thinking: Maybe Shenmue 3 could be  continued if they use the mobile game business model. Like the first Chapter is Free, and then you have to pay for the additional chapters?  You see, it would be less costly to continue Shenmue with the Dreamcast version graphics engine. That engine can be easily handled on an Iphone.  Shenmue GAI. The mafia wars-type game was setting the bar too low, as the game was too low tech and simple. It was the right idea for target platform, but the technology of average joe cheap-o mobile phones it insufficient to deliver the true Shenmue experience.  An Iphone or Android Smartphone could do it no problem. 

that's my conservative hope for Shenmue 3.   In other news, Yu Suzuki was meeting with Mark Cerny, the designer of Sony's Playstation 4.   Can we hope for a revamped next gen Shenmue 3?  Cross your fingers!!!

Shenmue was originally known as "the Virtua Fighter RPG" , so this IS VF related. Now shutty.