Thursday, February 27, 2014

In Honor Of Black History Month......

DISCLAIMER:  The following is for entertainment purposes only .  VFWARLORD.COM does not promote hate for Asian people, or fat people in Jacko's case.
The Uncle Tom of the Year award goes to Jacko: Aka Fat Bastard. Shang, the bipolar douche from Boston put this up in the Facebook group:

Now I'm no racist, but  FUCK THIS (:Redacted: Intended Target Hit:Redacted)***, CHINESE COMMIE  BASTARD.  You throw racist words at me, right back at you. An eye for an eye.  That's the second and last time Fu Manchu used the N word directed at me.  Shang, I don't care what mental problems you have, a curb induced lobotomy will straighten them right out. I see you at NYG 9, you're getting fucked up. If I see you at EVO, you're getting fucked up. Hell if I see in you in the 113 precinct and you're in a cop uniform, you're still getting fucked up.  I got a spinning hook kick with your name on it.

As for this FAT FAGGOT Jacko, what does he have to add , as a black man, after Shang put this racist shit up?

In case you can't see it he says "that Megatron picture is too fucking funny".  That's all you got to say, kiss that Chinese retard's ass for what, Wolf pointers? How does a video game outweigh your self respect.  Well being you're a deformed fat slob your self esteem must be pretty low already so you don't have any self respect.  Uncle Tom mother fucker.  /Middle finger.

*** No longer necessary to keep the content posted. I find it distasteful  .  I don't have a problem with Asian people, just that one dickhead in particular.  It's kind of overkill to offend a whole group of people because of one asshole in their genepool.***

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Shenmue 3 teased in Japanese PS4 ad?

Look we've been down that road and I pretty much gave up on the idea of Shenmue 3 after the PS3 and 360 were released.  The fact of the matter is, PS4 needs more IP. Yu Suzuki needs funding for Shenmue 3.  Seeing as how the Last Guardian is making the jump to PS4 (see VGCHARTZ.com). And Mark Cerney is now working with Yu Suzuki on a speech at GDC, I consider it a strong possibility.  Now it's been revealed during a launch commercial for the Japanese PS4,  the use name is "RYO H" as in Ryo Hazuki, the protagonist of Shenmue .  At 25 seconds into the video above you see the PS4 user's name: Ryo H.  Look, at heart, I'm a detective, I'm not allowed to believe in coincidence.
See the article in N4G.com http://n4g.com/news/1460751/is-sony-teasing-shenmue-on-ps4
  Looks like I made a good choice getting a PS4.  (see Dualshockers for the full story)

In other news on Dual Shockers, David Jaffe (God of War creator) is working on a new PS4 game, Naughty Dog says there's a "Fifty Percent" chance we'll see The Last of Us 2 on PS4, and they are impressed with its memory capabilities.  Characters of The Order 1886 are made up of over 100,000 polygons.  Yakuza Ishin has released, and is the top selling PS4 game.   Capcom is promising a Deep Down beta coming very soon.

  In other news, it's been leaked that Sony is working on Gran Turismo 7 Prologue as we speak.  As many predicted, The Last Guardian is making the jump to PS4. Now will hat be impetus for them to finish the damn game or is it a new excuse for them to delay it another 3 years?

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Godoku Robbed in a FT10 by newjack Scrub Jacko and his spammy Wolf.

  Lets get this straight asshole, at EVERY Team Stickbug Tourney, we played sets before the tourney. There I beat you ALOT. You won MORE matches , but I BEAT you ALOT of matches, mostly not even using my main because I sandbag before tournaments.  I beat you several matches ON STREAM, and you came back with your wall combo FS BS. But I had you down 2 to 1 matches before that. You fat cunt, you are not elite, you aren't even midling. You're a FAT bastard with too much time on his hands to practice FS combos because you get NO PUSSY.  Which brings me back to my original point: You're a fat fucker.
This asshole, drunk as a skunk today on Next Level stream claim I never beat him matches on stream. Yes I did motherfuck, you may take the set, but you've lost several matches. As we know, the only replays worth saving are Sal's, so those videos are lost. He also said on stream during the same paragraph that he's NOT FAT. (Cruz was trying to contain his laughter on that one).  Ok, now we know you're a liar, Rueben Studdard. You are the Biggest loser.

This fat bastard scrubbed it out spamming 2P Uppercut 2P uppercut the entire time.  He's a heavyweight and they mitigated damage alot. Hail Mary Shoulder Rams, and other gay shit this lame ass scrub kept using. He kept trying (and failing) to get me with the catch throw, P+G shove to uppercut. But Shang already used that crap on me. Escaped.  I blame myself a little. I was nailing him with the Death scythe/leg bomber bounce (repeatedly per round) but I should have done maximum damage combos to follow it up.  I kept settling for medium damage combos and a wake up attack to nail him on his tech roll.  I should have done maximum damage and go for tech roll hits.  He plays Wolf just like he plays Sarah and Jeff: Spam strings to annoy the shit out of you and wear you down, praying something hits. YOU ABARE ALL THE TIME ASSHOLE, that's why I've beaten you several times EASILY.  I break down players behaviors in three different ways: Those that abare like assholes constantly. Those that play moral, and the others that do a mix of both.  You are that first category, dumb ass.  After I sabaki your 2p what do you do immediately after every damn time we fight? 2p. You only stop when you're low on health and it's too late.  I got too impatient with this asshole , I could have evaded the last hit of his strings and punished.   Typical FAT BASTARD who fantasizes about being not Fat, assimilates the pro-wrestler monikers of  his idols.  I only win "when you allow it"? You're as full of shit as T-Spam, saying he threw his FT10 to Tricky.

   The only thing he did that halfway seemed like tech was he kept delaying his 2P+G ground throw.  I tapped 2P+G 3 times while on the ground, but he apparently waited, after my input and threw then.  He had me second guessing if I had the input right or if it was 1P+G.    That's the only smart tech I saw, I had a similar idea to throw off a correct escape input for my Lancer Tackle.You SUCK, fatboy. That was disgraceful, If I knew you would have scrubbed it out like that I'd stoop to your level, pick GOH and spam 3PP the whole set.  and next time change the god damn stage,  Chub Rock.  You SUCK at VF , you just got Fat kid gamer reflexes. All you do is game and eat , of course you got some reflexes by now. It's not like you ever get up off your fat ass and execise.  THIS ISN'T OVER  PORKYYY!  Yo Flash your apprentice sucks. This was fun though, all BS things aside. Let's have another FT10 next week, This time for Slim Fast.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Godokunodan Challenges Flash to a First to Ten at SEGA CUP 2014!!

For those of you who don't know, SEGA CUP is Sega's annual Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown tournament. $16,000 in prizes will be given away.  The Tournament is Saturday, April 26 2014 at Super Arcade in Walnut California. Alex Vale of Famed Level Up , will be hosting the event.  I go by the gamer handle Godokunodan" (Five Deadly Venoms) and basically terrorize the VFDC gamer population by beating their toons in humilating fashion, record the fight and post it on Youtube. Hilarity Ensues. I Met Chief Flash, the 2008 World Cyber Games VF champ at EVO 2012.  He came up to me and said " I gotta tell you brother, I gotta shake your hand! The Videos you do are hilarious.    "  I was honored. It made me laugh because I was vindicated. Not everybody wants to be overly polite to each other on VFDC! Flash was a like minded person!.  He wouldn't say it on VFDC, because then they would condemn him like they do me.  A few months later, Flash formed One Frame Kill blog with the original VF Troll, SHang.  They took my tactic of filming one beatdown of an opponent and squared it: They decided to compete with each other to beat the hapless player 10 times. And thus the "Rape Room " was born. "Rape " in this instance is in the video game tense: really badly OWNING someone. Which brings us to present day. Flash has transformed into a heel, just like me, and now there are more copy cats coming out of the woodwork and going to the dark side every day.  Jacko, T-Spam, even SDS Overfiend has made a few comments about wanting to become a VF villain . Its great!! I have inspired chaos!!!  Anyway, Shang and crew have currently targeted a member of my NYC_VF crew: Tricky. This will not stand. Tricky is more than capable of defending himself, but if you attack one of NYC VF, you attack us ALL!!   I will take on Chief Flash in a F T 10 match at Sega Cup, since Shang is too pussy to show to Sega Cup, I'll take it out on Flash!!! Nothing Personal , brother!!!

Monday, February 3, 2014

The Bingo Book 2014

It's Now 2014 . So we have the latest version of the Bingo Book.  This is the rogues gallery of VF players targeted for termination.Update. Oioiron is cut. He's quit VF and I think he moved to Japan.  Plague has amnesty from the list.   I met him at Evo and he's not such a bad guy.  There's wasn't much reason to put him on the list anyway. Smurf is off. I play against him all the time at Next Level.  we go back and forth in matches all the time. Done and done.   Anyway, some of these guys are on the list simply because they are good players, others  are on here because they are annoying little cunts who need a beat down.

1)   Myke.

This little bastard was at Sega Cup 2013. I missed the opportunity to take him down.  Don't worry, unibrow, your time will come.  I have a problem with authority.  He's the Admin at VFDC.  Target number one.

Getting banned from there was a good thing. It made me do my own thing and work on my own VF related content, with Fighter's Corner.  When I see what other people are doing, by following suit and creating their own VF related material, like The NYC_VF streams, Blackstar's web shows , the short lived VF Newsletter, it makes me proud to be a part of it.  Chibiaya's podcast was also good and I hope his health improves so he can continue.  It's better for VF in general if the media relating to it is diversified and decentralized.  Its good to see people thinking outside of the box and working on different media formats.

2)   Shang.

This asshole is an online Warrior pussy.  He's an ex-tournament player.  Apparently he went to tournaments in the VF3 days. Who the hell does that?  I mean I played VF2 and VF3 in the Arcades. there was less of a need to go to tournaments then, we had arcades with tons offline opponents.  Nowadays, you have to go to tournaments to get decent offline competition.  Arcades are dead and online VF is shit.  It really sucks.  Its night and day with offline VF the ratio of your input to the onscreen reaction is so off in VF Online, it might as well be running at 30 frames per second.  

     Anyway this little douche only plays online, so I'll have to settle for beating the shit out of him on XBOX Live.  I already have beaten the crap out of him, but he needs another beatdown.  Its kind of a hollow victory, because playing VF online is like running a 100 meter dash through three feet of mud.
I don't know what this douche's problem is. Its like he's quit real(offline )VF , yet he can't stop talking about it.  He talks shit excessively, it's like he's a 12 year old that gets off on being annoying.  He just gets  carried away.  He's a racist.  Considering he's Chinese, with a thick accent, I don't know where that comes from. Who the hell is he to be  racist to anyone.  I think his wife is fucking a black guy and his kids came out a few shades too dark to be his, that's his problem.  Anyway, he's scheduled for an ass whipping in Online Vf, such as it is.

3) Tony Familia 
Annoying hilarious in his own mind faggot from VFDC.  He's a mental case. He himself revealed he suffers from PTSD, from the Iraq War. See, that's what happens when you let gays in the military, they crack under the pressure.  He's a pussy and a little bitch who ducked me all last year, because he know I'll kick his ass and he knows I'm recording.  He's a crazy vet nut. He's not on the Bingo Book because he;s any good, he's on here for trolling my Youtube channel.  I mean he posted comments on my videos. I deleted them.  Then he posts on the channel itself. deleted, unread.    I blocked him from posting comments , and he sends me youtube personal messages, crying like a bitch that I put down one of his SHITTY Vf videos. He's a nut, I think he also suffers fro  hypergraphia.  Hypergraphia is a behavioral condition characterized by the intense desire to write. Seriously he only started VFDC after it came to 360 and he has over 10,000 posts. 

  He's a broke loser so he wont be making it to SEGA CUP 2014.  He's dumb enough to join the military where he only made $15,000 a year.  Only high school drop outs and poor people join the army.  That 15K is probably the most he'll ever make in his misbegotten life. Basically he's an online warrior chump so I'll Have to settle for Online matches only. 

UPDATE: Got his ass whupped two matches in a row. almost lost a Third match in a row, he bored me to death by playing the distance game so I farted around and got tagged. He sucks. I will kick his gay ass EVERY time I catch him online.  Lives up to the name T-Spam.  NWO is PUSSY.

4)  MarlyJay   

Marly is a fellow Vanessa player from England.  He's trying to make it to SegaCup 2014. Hopefully we can get some online matches in.  We have different views on how to use Vanessa so it will be interesting to see what he's got .  Offline matches: what the real VF players play.  Offline wins are the only ones that really matter to me, so lets hope he makes it across the pond.

5) MakileSushi

  This French faggot has a beatdown coming to him since last year.   He sucks.  He's made the mistake of badmouthing me in the bad games threads, not knowing I was monitoring it, and it snowballed from there.
He's all the way in Europe, so it'll be an Online slug fest, on PSN, even worse. He's only been playing VF a year and they made this asshole a Vanessa Content manager? Some people are promoted beyond their competence. So far all he's done is RIP OFF and blatantly plagiarize  from Johoseph's "Punishing the Cast".
Joho does all the heavy lifting and exposes all the casts weaknesses, and you just take his work and plug your character in , passing it off as your own original new content? /He should be on the Bingo Book for that alone.   I hate french people and I hate new players.   I've forgotten more about VF than this asshole will ever know.

This list is ever expanding................. To be continued.

Will Shenmue 3 debut at GDC?

When people saw the photo of Mark Cerrny and Yu Suzuki last year, a lot of rumors started going around that they might collaborate on Shenmue 3 for PS4.  I didn't want to get my hopes up.  Recently it has been announced that Yu Suzuki will be doing a post mortem speech on Shenmue at Game Developers Conference in March 2014.  Mark Cerny will be translating Suzuki san's speech at the event.  Now I would like to speculate that there might be a Shenmue announcement there, but after years of delays and missed opportuinities to see Shenume return, I was keeping my expectations cautiously low.  recently even Gamespot.com has predicted that GDC 2014 will actually feature a Yu Suzuki announcement of Shenmue 3 for next gen consoles.   Shenmue was originally dubbed the "Virtua Fighter Rpg".  I always loved that game and the sequel.  The game was ahead of its time. It was like the precursor to open world games.  If Suzuki just took the game one step further and let you beat up and accost pedestrians, he could have stolen GTA's thunder.   The game genre was dubbed F.R.E.E.  If they gave players total freedom, like GTA, it could have been as big a commercial hit as it was a cult classic.

      The good part of the Shenmue legacy, open world adventure games , lives on.  Unfortunately the bad part of Shenmue's legacy, QTE's,  also lives on.   Quick Timer Events are one of the worst things to happen to gaming.  The QTE's in Shenmue 1 and 2 were actually really good. I never found myself hating them.  I guess it's because they were cinematically well done in Shenmue, that they blended better with the overall game.  I guess you could call it a good idea gone bad.  They way other companies have implemented QTE's in recent years have been so badly done that they have soured me on those things altogether.

   I think the Walking Dead games from Tell Tale Games have been the best implementaion of QTE's I've seen since Shenmue.  I'd be grateful if they ever finish Shenmue 3, QTE's and all.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sega Cup 2014 ! Who's Up?

People will say what they will about Sega. Claims that they don't care about fans, or they won't make an announcement for VF6 on VF's 20th anniversary.  To be fair, when  has ANY company made an announcement for a sequel to a franchise exactly on it's 20th anniversary? Never.  When Sega comes through they come through big.  EVO 2012, Sega Cup 2013, and when people counted Sega out, they announced Sega Cup 2014.  Quarter Up.