Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Godoku Robbed in a FT10 by newjack Scrub Jacko and his spammy Wolf.

  Lets get this straight asshole, at EVERY Team Stickbug Tourney, we played sets before the tourney. There I beat you ALOT. You won MORE matches , but I BEAT you ALOT of matches, mostly not even using my main because I sandbag before tournaments.  I beat you several matches ON STREAM, and you came back with your wall combo FS BS. But I had you down 2 to 1 matches before that. You fat cunt, you are not elite, you aren't even midling. You're a FAT bastard with too much time on his hands to practice FS combos because you get NO PUSSY.  Which brings me back to my original point: You're a fat fucker.
This asshole, drunk as a skunk today on Next Level stream claim I never beat him matches on stream. Yes I did motherfuck, you may take the set, but you've lost several matches. As we know, the only replays worth saving are Sal's, so those videos are lost. He also said on stream during the same paragraph that he's NOT FAT. (Cruz was trying to contain his laughter on that one).  Ok, now we know you're a liar, Rueben Studdard. You are the Biggest loser.

This fat bastard scrubbed it out spamming 2P Uppercut 2P uppercut the entire time.  He's a heavyweight and they mitigated damage alot. Hail Mary Shoulder Rams, and other gay shit this lame ass scrub kept using. He kept trying (and failing) to get me with the catch throw, P+G shove to uppercut. But Shang already used that crap on me. Escaped.  I blame myself a little. I was nailing him with the Death scythe/leg bomber bounce (repeatedly per round) but I should have done maximum damage combos to follow it up.  I kept settling for medium damage combos and a wake up attack to nail him on his tech roll.  I should have done maximum damage and go for tech roll hits.  He plays Wolf just like he plays Sarah and Jeff: Spam strings to annoy the shit out of you and wear you down, praying something hits. YOU ABARE ALL THE TIME ASSHOLE, that's why I've beaten you several times EASILY.  I break down players behaviors in three different ways: Those that abare like assholes constantly. Those that play moral, and the others that do a mix of both.  You are that first category, dumb ass.  After I sabaki your 2p what do you do immediately after every damn time we fight? 2p. You only stop when you're low on health and it's too late.  I got too impatient with this asshole , I could have evaded the last hit of his strings and punished.   Typical FAT BASTARD who fantasizes about being not Fat, assimilates the pro-wrestler monikers of  his idols.  I only win "when you allow it"? You're as full of shit as T-Spam, saying he threw his FT10 to Tricky.

   The only thing he did that halfway seemed like tech was he kept delaying his 2P+G ground throw.  I tapped 2P+G 3 times while on the ground, but he apparently waited, after my input and threw then.  He had me second guessing if I had the input right or if it was 1P+G.    That's the only smart tech I saw, I had a similar idea to throw off a correct escape input for my Lancer Tackle.You SUCK, fatboy. That was disgraceful, If I knew you would have scrubbed it out like that I'd stoop to your level, pick GOH and spam 3PP the whole set.  and next time change the god damn stage,  Chub Rock.  You SUCK at VF , you just got Fat kid gamer reflexes. All you do is game and eat , of course you got some reflexes by now. It's not like you ever get up off your fat ass and execise.  THIS ISN'T OVER  PORKYYY!  Yo Flash your apprentice sucks. This was fun though, all BS things aside. Let's have another FT10 next week, This time for Slim Fast.

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