Thursday, February 27, 2014

In Honor Of Black History Month......

DISCLAIMER:  The following is for entertainment purposes only .  VFWARLORD.COM does not promote hate for Asian people, or fat people in Jacko's case.
The Uncle Tom of the Year award goes to Jacko: Aka Fat Bastard. Shang, the bipolar douche from Boston put this up in the Facebook group:

Now I'm no racist, but  FUCK THIS (:Redacted: Intended Target Hit:Redacted)***, CHINESE COMMIE  BASTARD.  You throw racist words at me, right back at you. An eye for an eye.  That's the second and last time Fu Manchu used the N word directed at me.  Shang, I don't care what mental problems you have, a curb induced lobotomy will straighten them right out. I see you at NYG 9, you're getting fucked up. If I see you at EVO, you're getting fucked up. Hell if I see in you in the 113 precinct and you're in a cop uniform, you're still getting fucked up.  I got a spinning hook kick with your name on it.

As for this FAT FAGGOT Jacko, what does he have to add , as a black man, after Shang put this racist shit up?

In case you can't see it he says "that Megatron picture is too fucking funny".  That's all you got to say, kiss that Chinese retard's ass for what, Wolf pointers? How does a video game outweigh your self respect.  Well being you're a deformed fat slob your self esteem must be pretty low already so you don't have any self respect.  Uncle Tom mother fucker.  /Middle finger.

*** No longer necessary to keep the content posted. I find it distasteful  .  I don't have a problem with Asian people, just that one dickhead in particular.  It's kind of overkill to offend a whole group of people because of one asshole in their genepool.***

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