Monday, May 12, 2014

SEGA CUP!!! Where the FUCK Were You FUCKERS?!?!?!


Sega Cup was great.  To the fuckers that didn't show: YOU SUCK!!!! (Not Including the people who fight offline every week).  But those other assholes, the pussies who never show to Next Level and only fight online in their little pussy cliques room matches: FUCK YOU.  Fuck you shout box assholes, you talk about the game more than you play it. Especially double-mother-fuck any asshole who has the nerve to critique other players, LIVE IN CALIFORNIA and did'nt show up to SEGA CUP. Raze, Nomas Tomas and the Rump Ranger Steelbaz, THIS MEANS YOU. SHUT THE FUCK UP PERMANENTLY FOR THE REST OF YOUR VF CAREER.  You're a pot head piece of shit and a poser. 

     Everybody who did show up: Props to you.  Even that little Golem looking douche bag Shidosha.  Homie doesn't even have a job. He can't afford the shirt he used to wrap around his head and had to sell it, but he made it to Sega Cup.  I  don't like the kid and he reminds me of Gonzo from the muppets, but damn it, at least he stepped up and made it across the map to Sega Cup.  Thanks to my Team Tournament partner  Itazan For beating the shit out of everybody and catapulting Me and Piktocat to the winner's cirlcle.  Japanese power!!!  It's the biggest VF tournament of the year. If you missed this you might as well sit out the rest of the year. I had a great time. Great matches great eats , great scenery.  It's in California , whats not to like?  Wall to wall hot Mexican mammies.  There are 3 colleges within a mile of super arcade:  do the math.  . Three words: BAD MEXICAN CO-EDS. 

  In other news : the Fabled First To Ten against Chief Flash didn't happen.  Sorry Tricky. I didn't get to avenge you, brother.  Flash and I only managed to get 4 matches in.  I recorded the matches on an Avermedia LGP.  I'll get those and the matches against Blackstar  up when I get a chance. I've been busy.

SEGA!!! VF For Life! Vanessa's A-Tier, Bitch!!!!Recognize!!!!

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