Sunday, June 28, 2015

SHENMUE III is Coming Back!! Like the Phoenix from the ASHES!!! Support The SHENMUE III KICKSTARTER!!!

 Man I love being right.  Shenmue easter eggs were in the Japanese Playstation 4 debut video. In GDC 2013 Mark Cerny took a pic with Yu Suzuki and the photographer SAID they were discussing Shenmue III funding.  Mark Cerny did the translating for Yu Suzuki's Shenmue postmortem at GDC 2014.   Dead giveaway.   People said that was just a coincidence . Those people are morons.

 Fast forward to June 2015, and Shenmue 3 is announced for PS4.   Hate to say I told you so, on this very blog, but I did.   This is surreal.  I remember when Shenmue  was a prototype, and described as a Virtua Fighter RPG during the Dreamcast debut.  When it evolved from that , to the game I finally got to play, I was blown away.  When I played Shenmue for the first time , it was surreal. After all the hype and the concept pitches, plus Yu Suzuki's Virtua Fighter Pedigree, I couldn't believe I was actually playing it finally.

     Few games have evoked that kind of response in me, that surreal feeling. the first Metal Gear Solid, Virtua Fighter 3  (all the hype behind that, the 1 million polygons,  and the final product was unbelievable), Grand Theft Auto 3,  and definitely the Metal Gear Solid 4 Demo that came with the Anniversary disc.
  I've been playing video games since Pac-Man in the arcades, its hard to elicit that reaction of amazement out of me.

     I'm just glad Yu Suzuki didn't just give up on making Shenmue 3.  Look it's been 14 years.  The average person would've given up and become a used car salsesman by now.  He could have grown bitter, and be completely unwilling to make a Shenmue III after all this time.  We are lucky.

SUPPORT THE SHENMUE III KICKSTARTER.  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ysnet/shenmue-3/description
The campaign expires July 17 , 2015.

Great games like this are few and far between.

I rebroadcasted the Shenmue III Q&A in case you missed it.
Here's my Shenmue 3 reaction video:
  ****Technical Update**** I just came up with another theory as to why the sound was off: I was using a USB extension cable for the camera.  The audio degradation could be a combination of the low integrity of the extension cable, and the extension cable's close proximity to TOO MANY OTHER cables coming from my PC.

    Often when cables get bunched up together, Electromagnetic interference damages the signal.  Notice the reddish tone to my skin in the video? That shouldn't be, because the camera's setting were set to default.  I noticed on my PC screen's display that my skin color would fluctuate between that reddish color and my actual skin tone at random.  I thought it was a ram or processing problem that would stabilize.  In hindsight , I think it was actually electromagnetic interference degrading the audio AND video signal.

I usually don't have sound issues with my videos.  This is a new setup to accommodate the green screen.  A few more days of troubleshooting could have resolved this, but I was pressed for time as the Shenmue Kickstarter only has a couple  weeks left.  Time was of the essence to get this finished and published.

*****Technical Update 2******
I just ran some tests, and the Noise cancellation feature of "Live Central " recording software actually worsens the sound instead of improving it: It was enhancing that"muffling effect" I was hearing in my voice.  I'll make sure that is OFF in the future.

Latest War on Shang Video Moved to Veoh.com! (UPDATED AUGUST 8th 2015)

    Bullshit UMG and Eminem filed a claim against the War On Shang Tet Offensive video, and it got muted.   Honestly, they are being cunts.  The main song that they got the video muted over is Renegade, and its a 14 year old song. They should be grateful ANYBODY is still playing that shit, it gets no airplay anymore.  My video is probably the most airplay that song has gotten in ten years.
     Anyway, the War on Shang video uses SIX other songs, and all six other owners of the songs just monetized the video so they get paid based on the click traffic .

    So basically UMG music and cunt Eminem not only screwed me over, but the owners of the other six songs as well.  They could have NOT been cunts and just monetize the video like everybody else did.  Whatever. Its on Dailymotion.  http://www.dailymotion.com/Godokunodan

  I will put it on Veoh, Facebook,  Stagevu , Twitch, and anywhere else I feel like.. UMG can eat shit.  I WILL NOT BE STOPPED!!!
UPDATE: The video was taken down on Daily Motion( Daily Motion is an unorganized mess)
I put it up on Veoh.com, and it is still up there .  Here is the link   

Bingo Book Update!!

That scrub T-Spam got his bitch ass kicked.  He's been dodging me and running for years.  Joining 1FK must've gave him some courage. Its false courage , because he sucks and got owned.  I don't really think he's Dominican.  I think he's a Hatian.  1:2 Hatians are born simpleminded, and he's a fucking moron.