Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Bingo Book 2016

        Here is the 2016 installment of my ongoing VF Enemies list.

1) Denkai

New rule: when you pontificate on the mic like you have a doctorate degree in VF, then get swept 6 rounds straight, expect to get clowned.   This lame didn't get the memo.  The irony of the situation was too good to pass up, so I clowned him in a video.  Somebody posted it on the NYC VF facebook group, and he got all bent out of shape.  He's been pissing and moaning like a bitch on the rag for 7 days straight.

     I think it's hilarious. I've never seen Denkai get pissed and flame someone before.  Watching this nerd try to flame is as awkward and out of place as two whiteboys slap boxing.  Doing the video was fun enough for me.  Seeing this herb get so pissed and affected by it is the icing on the cake.  Be a man , admit you fucked up and be able to laugh at yourself.  Some people can't take a joke.  Anyway, I'm fighting Dumpy Denkai at Next Level today, on NYC VF Stream.  He's going to set a record for fastest turn around time being put on and taken out on the Bingo Book.

2) Cheif Flash Aka Cheif FLUSH, A piece of shit.

I've only fought this fucker about 6 matches offline. I've yet to beat the bastard.  Anyone dumb enough to follow Shang shouldn't be that hard to beat.  This pig fucker must be beaten by any means necessary!  This bounty is going to spill over into VF6, because nobody plays Final Showdown anymore.  It sucks and the game is dead. 

MyKe  "The Dyke" Abdow

This camel jockey has been more elusive than Bin Laden , Uday and Kusay combined.  He's quite Wily!  Sega Cup One I got delayed and made it to the event a day late, so that was a bust.  NYGX I failed to advance to get to him in  the tournament.  Now VF is dead...............................