Thursday, December 8, 2016


  I'm known to do the IMPOSSIBLE like BROADWAY JOE!!!!
Chief Flash is down!! EXCELLENT PWNED!!! LIVE OFFLINE at I Fix Machine, so there's no fucking excuses!!! Yes!! Deal with it!

JACKO is my next target for DURAL RAPE!!!

This pussy Chief Flush is retiring from competition.  He should have retired BEFORE Kamais OOkin kicked his ass in Sega Cup 2014.  Spare himself the embarrassment of getting pwned by a scrub.  Punk bitch Eddel (faggot first name btw) tried to talk shit to me, the DON, got pwned, then went crying to the NYC_VF admins to delete my post.   If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen! You pussy.  So this faggot Flash stayed quiet on the NYC_VF FB group for two weeks.  He got the courage to finally try to start some shit wiih me again.   He got fucking sonned, played and pimp-slapped.   AGAIN  ,   he went crying to the admins to delete my post.

Now, like the queer he is , he quit the Facebook group.  Flash is a fucking pussy. He can dish it out, but he can't take it.  I'm not Tricky, motherfucker, I will FUCK YOU UP!!  You aint on my level.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Marvel Vs Capcom INFINITE HYPE!! But Ryu Looks Stupid......................

Why does RYU look stupid, god damn it???? It looks like they just copy and pasted the Ryu from MVC3!!!! Fuck that!!!! If any thing I thought they would copy and Paste SFV Ryu, but then again  I guess they can't because Sony has exclusive rights on  all SFV content.   MVC Infinite is going multiplatform.   If Infinite was PS4 exclusive, it would be the Deathnote for Xbone.

This Ryu looks like he should be out catching Pokemon, or walking his dog, Goliath.

Put a headband on this guy, and you have the multiplatform Ryu.
   Infinite is rumored to be focusing only Marvel Cinematic Universe characters, ie NO XMEN.  It kind of sucks , but that will open up some room for new characters rather than copy and pasting Wolverine From the 20 year old Xmen  Children of the Atom.  You know I remember when Children of the Atom was BRAND NEW at my student union?  Damn I feel old.....................

Because Homos demanded it, Mega-man is back.

Rumor Mill says the Game is going to be 4-player 2 on 2 combat.   Ummmm, didn't SF X Tekken suck enough? Epic Fail!!!Stop doing weird shit!
Biggest mismatch EVER????

COMING DEC 25th 2017!!! only to be pushed back to MARCH 2018 like every other game at this show.
I'd do her. can she make ALL her hair stand up and glow? Does the carpet match the drapes?
What does this mean for SFV? Absolutely nothing.  Capcom stated they will support SFV up to 2020.

I was going to complain about SFV again, but for some reason I forgot what I was about to say..............

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Rumor: DESTINY ONE Characters Will NOT Carry Over To DESTINY 2!!!!

Update:  This rumor has been debunked.  Your Character and loadouts will transfer over to Destiny 2.  HOWEVER, Bungie HAS remove Three of Coins from Xur's merchandise.  THEN WHY HAVE XUR EVEN FUCKING SHOW UP THEN?????  ASSHOLE LUKE SMITH did this.  Fucking Bungie..............................

 If this is true, FUCK Bungie.
This is a classic example of a developer getting too cocky, thinking they can piss off their fanbase and will somehow spawn a new one with their sequel/revamp.They tried it with Star Wars Galaxies, FAILED. They Tried it with VF5 Final Showdown, FAILED.  Now they are potentially trying it with Destiny 2.

Don't you dare delete my Warlock, Bungie, you Motherfucks.
     Look, it took me YEARS to get the collection of weapons armor and characters I have with Destiny one.  I do NOT feel like starting all over.  One of the reasons I haven't bought the Division yet is because of the time commitment it will take to build up a character.
         Now in the opening paragraph, I talked about Destiny's existing fanbase... That fanbase exists because of the few things Bungie has done right with this series:  the exotic weapons and armor.   For me, the main appeal of this game besides the epic Raids is the ingenious and unique perks and special properties of the exotic weapons and armor.    The Year one Exotics are light years better than the year two and three exotics.   He's the thing,  Bungie had Destiny in development for 5 years before it was released.    That means they had 5 years to brainstorm , innovate and refine the exotic weapons etc, like GJALLARHORN.   The Gjallarhorn and year one exotics like it are the heart and soul of Destiny.   The only new exotic even halfway as good as the year one EWs is the Sleeper Simulant.
Behold, Excalibur Jr.

     The way I elevator pitch Destiny to my friends (who are hesitant to buy it because of the paper thin story)  is Destiny is more like a TV series than a movie.   The DLC expansions are episodes.

This is a double edged sword however:  Much like a TV show where the pilot and first season are light years better than  their subsequent seasons <cough> Game of Thrones<cough> Arrow<cough>
Bungie seems to be out of ideas and all their DLC expansions and new Exotic Weapons pale in comparison to their predecessors.  WHY?  Bungie is out of ideas.

    Just let us transfer our fucking characters over to Destiny 2, and focus on fixing and continuing the story. Tie up the 1,000,000 lose ends (if you haven't written yourselves into a corner already).   Do NOT try to focus on populating the game with a completely new Arsenal of Exotic weapons.  House of Wolves and Taken King have proven you are incapable of that, Bungie.  Don't get me started on Rise of Iron.  I have never been less inclined to redo a Raid ever.  Talk about buyer's remorse.
Remember THIS Chick? Is Bungie ever going to continue her story? Or are they going to just wipe out our character every 3 years to distract us from the fact that the storytelling SUCKS in this franchise?

The Exo Stranger was voiced by Lauren Conrad ( The Walking Dead).

    Case in point, Bungie cant afford not to let us transfer our favorite exotic weapons and character subclasses over to Destiny 2: that's ALL the brand has going for it at this point.  Bungie can NOT make a story contrivance to explain away your characters getting wiped.  Have you played Rise of Iron? Story is their weakest area of game development.

Friday, November 11, 2016

The Vanessa DURAL Connection

The official story for VF5 is that Vanessa was abducted by J6 as a test subject for the DURAL project.   She was subsequently rescued, but not before her data was scanned for the Next Generation DURAL.   Since VF historically doesn't have much in the way of cut scenes, there

isn't much in the game to emphasize this part of the storyline.  I was able to dig up this wallpaper, with Vanessa in the foreground and DURAL in the background.  Enjoy.  Ergo, as a Vanessa player,  my use of DURAL is in accord with the cannon and totally legit.  FUCK YOU GUYS!!!!

Previously in all previous versions of Virtua Fighter, DURAL was believed to   be a cyborg
created from Kage Maru's mother.
In fact, in the sole cut scene in Saturn VF2, DURAL is seen with the armor falling off her face to reveal the face of Kage's mother.    

In the opening promo cut-scene for VF3,  Kage is seen looking at a recorded video of his mother.  The image then morphs into DURAL.

Sunday, November 6, 2016


UDATE!:Video is termporarily down while I add a Marvel-like After Credits Scene!!
NYC_VF joins the fray!!! After years of non-involvement and impartiality. NYC_VF have taken up in arms against these two offensive Chinese food delivery boys, Shang and Chief Flush!!!  I made a call to arms in the infamous chair kicking video, and now it has been answered!!!!!    I will continue Strike force attacks on this Bastard son of Kim Young Ill, Shang!!! This is just the beginning of a new campaign !!!!    https://youtu.be/JbOSYFv-6BM

Thursday, August 11, 2016


   On the EVE of NYGx-@,  NYC_VF has taken a giant shit on NWO. I don't know what 1FK did to piss off Cruzlink and crew, but you done did it now.   NYC_VF never gets pissed at trolling, so those NWO asshats must've really fucked up.   Lets see a Cruzlink vs Flash F T10 at NYGX-2!!! Flash is washed up!!! You can take him Cruzlink!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

STREET FIGHTER V And The 8 Frame Input Lag Debacle.

So, the 8-frame input lag on SFV.is it : (A)  A fucking governor (Automobile engine jargon : a speed limiter) to hold back Arcade stick players? (B)  A fucking shitty design choice for behavioral control?  (C) A smoke and mirrors cheap ruse to make the online net code look better than it is?  If it is door A, B, or C, CAPCOM STILL SUCKS DICK!!! Fix this shit!!!!

Lets say its choice (A) This fucking game, which has some admirable design directives ( elimination of Option selects, a stun meter, limiting high powered combos off of low risk moves)  has an annoying main direction to cater to casual scrubs.   That said pad players are scrubs, casual cunts.  Any given day, if one player on an arcade stick is up against a pad player, the arcade stick player will beat the pad player to the punch 90% of the time.  the input speed of SANWA buttons on an arcade stick is vastly superior to any analog pad.  ADDING 8 FRAMES INPUT DELAY TOTALLY FUCKS THAT UP!!! That's the point of fighting games: your reactions are supposed to have a one to one ratio with the characters input on screen.   If I wanted to enter inputs where my character reacts 30 seconds later, I WOULD PLAY A FUCKING RPG!!!!! So this theory is that Peter Rojas and Capcom cunts devised 8 frame input delay to act as an equalizer between Arcade stick OGs and Casual pad playing pussies.

Or, perhaps it is theory (B) 8 frame input lag is a system of behavioral control.  With 8F I.D., you have less time to visually recognize and assess the situation and react.  You 90% of the time have to take an educated GUESS and attack and hope you made the right read.  There is a higher level off RISK-REWARD in this situation.  If you bank on your opponent fighting you on the ground and you input ground attacks to get counter hits, and he instead jumps over you to cross you up, you are committed to your ground attacks and you are getting crossed up.  With 8F I.D., the die is cast, you can't cancel your string and neutral jump attack or anti air: THERE is NO TIME. Even if you input such a counter measure, it will take EIGHT FRAMES for the system to even acknowledge it and you will be crossed up and hit.

    With this situation you have to constantly be on the attack, and make educated guesses, and PRAY you made the right choice.  This favors aggressive players, and also favors characters high up on the tier list.  It's less ZEN.  ZEN would be to access what your opponent is ACTUALLY doing moment to moment, and countering it. In that case , you would be OUTHINKING your opponent. You would have time to analyze an opponents attack at take it apart.   it's a counter puncher's approach, and a more intellectual one.  A counter puncher's Zen like approach, while more defensive and less flashy, would allow "LOW TIER" characters to beat out high tier ones.  Look at the results of EVO.  ALL the High  tier characters were in  the top 16.   8F I.D. favors rush down brainless gameplay, which favors high tier characters that can afford to do that.

     You can call out "SHIMMY" all you want, but if BOTH players are shimmying, the high-tier character will win.  The meta game has to be deeper than that.
EVO 2016 Top 8. See any low tier characters on here?  You won't with this 8frame input delay YOLO SHIT.

Now lastly , Theory (D)  This is the least likely theory.  That Capcom wanted the transition between offline play and online play to be seemless, so they implemented 8 Frame input delay, so you don't notice how shitty the netcode in SFV is.    This could be because this game is so damn online focused right out of the gate: Capcom wanted the online play to look as good as possible.  for instance if  you practice a combo for 2 hours in training mode, then go online and can barely pull it off due to the inherent lag, you would curse the online mode and the online population would dwindle.  However, if you are forced to have 8 frames input lag from the get go, you would be conditioned  to compensate for it in your combos.  This is one of the evils of an "always online game"  and it all but destroys a fighter.  This is the most unlikely theory, because the lag STACKS in SFV when you go online:   You have to deal with the built in 8-frame input delay PLUS the 5+ frame lag forced on  you buy the internet connection.   This is also an unlikely theory because 8F I.D. or not, NOTHING can mask the amount of dropped frames  and slowdown in a bad-connection online match.

     In conclusion, the infamous and game-breaking (try hit confirming your V-trigger combos and target combos, you will drop them left and right)  eight-frame input delay is probably a result of theories (A) and (B) .  That fucking brainiac cock-head Peter "Combofiend" Rosas needs to be fired for this and over fuck-ups in the Street Fighter V design and launch failure.
    Don't get me wrong, SFV has some great character designs , roster, and gameplay ideas (V-Skills are a unique refreshing twist)  but like the 1985 Space Shuttle, it has some fatal design flaws.  The fact that Capcom is waiting until after Capcom Pro Tour 2016 to fix this shit speaks volumes as to how much they have their heads stuck up their collective ass. If you bought the Playstaion 4 version of Street Fighter V, you are basically FUCKED and have to buy the PC version and manually turn off V-synch in the config files. That will cut the game input lag to a more playable 4-frames. 
An example of how input lag and online lag stacks.  Mortal Kombat X is the worst affected by this.
Notice how SFV is the LEAST affected by online lag stacking because it is buffered by its inherent offline lag.  Stacks nontheless.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


      I've been playing with the features of the blogger app!  VFWARLORD now has a universal translator!  I've got a built in C-3PO, right on my right sidebar!!! I will extend VFWARLORDS Domination WORLDWIDE!!!!   Now I can curse people out in  100 different languages!!!!! This is awesome!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

NYGx-2!!!!! Part DEUX!!!!!

NYGX-2 is next month, August 12-14! AT I Fix Machine 2116 Bath Avenue, Brooklyn NY. We will Have Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown, VF5 Vanilla, VF 4 FINAL TUNED, Virtua Fighter 5 R, Virtua Fighter 3, CVSNK 2, MVC 3, Ultra , SFV, Super Turbo, the works. ITS ABOUT TO GO DOWN!!!!


Are you going to NYGX-2? Vote in the poll on the right sidebar!!!!