Thursday, June 15, 2017

This Just In: The Word WEDGIE is NOT Approved by Youtube!!!

So Youtube Has their panties in a bunch because I title my video about giving a girl a wedgie.  You gotta appreciate the irony.  


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The YouTube Team

Monday, June 5, 2017



  VFWARLORD is always at the cutting edge of internet trends.   The Patreon page is designed to facilitate more high quality content at a regular pace.   You may not notice it but a lot of work goes into editing my premier videos, the Fighters Corner series.  It takes me 5 hours to edit a 5 minute video.  The War on Shang Tet Offensive Video, for example, took nearly two months.  There was a special effect in  that video, the "Street fighter Alpha effect" trailing Vanessa , that took over a month to get right.  It was only conceptual and theorectical.  I worked out a way to get it done on Sony Vegas given the tools availiable.      I thought it up and executed it on my own, without the help of a tutorial.   A short effect like that, which was only on the screen for a few seconds, can take over a month of experimenting and trial and error..

                                             As I up the ante for the production value of these videos, the time required to make them is extended.  Join my Patreon to gain access to my new videos early .  $5 a month gains you access to all videos.   $15 a month enters you into a raffle to get a random game free.  You definitely want to contribute to the AUGUST PATREON, because the game being raffled will be DESTINY 2.  If you like in the continental United States and you win the raffle, DESTINY 2 will be shipped to you via Federal Express.  I have a strong lead that I may get Destiny 2 at least four days before the September 8th release date.  Ergo us raffle entries have a chance of playing DESTINY 2 at least 3 days before anyone else in the country.   Game on.

Friday, March 3, 2017

It's Official: ALL Your Armor and Weapons are Getting WIPED in DESTINY 2!!!!! BOYCOTT BUNGIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Exo Stranger was voiced by Lauren Conrad ( The Walking Dead).

    Case in point, Bungie cant afford not to let us transfer our favorite exotic weapons and character subclasses over to Destiny 2: that's ALL the brand has going for it at this point.  Bungie can NOT make a story contrivance to explain away your characters getting wiped.  Have you played Rise of Iron? Story is their weakest area of game development.
   Basically BUNGIE plans to SHIT on all the HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS OF HOURS we have put into amassing an Arsenal and leveling up our characters. They are telling us OUR TIME IS NOT VALUABLE.  They are essentially saying FUCK THE PLAYERS TIME AND ENERGY, LETS WIPE OUT ALL THEIR ACHIEVEMENTS AND MAKE THEM DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN.  As if we have nothing better to do.  FUCK these pieces of shit. I'm boycotting .

I quote:::

Hey, everyone. 
We’re planning to reveal the final live event for the Destiny 1 era next Wednesday. We’re calling it “Age of Triumph,” and we intend for it to be a fun and memorable celebration that will bring the first major chapter of our Destiny adventures to a fitting close. We’ll look back upon the three incredible years we’ve shared as a community, and look ahead to some final challenges and rewards that await you in the weeks ahead.

But first, we want to answer some important questions you’ve been asking about Destiny’s first full sequel.

Sequels represent the start of a new adventure for every player, with new worlds to explore, new stories to tell, new powers to acquire, new loot to earn, and much more. This led us to a decision that would enable us to serve both the game and the player’s best interests: Destiny 1 power, possessions, and Eververse-related items and currency will not carry forward. They will, however, remain accessible to you in Destiny 1.

We know that, just like us, you have grown fond of the Guardians you’ve created, so we do plan to preserve your character personalization. We are going to recognize the dedication and passion you’ve shown for this world. Specifically, the class, race, gender, face, hair, and marking selections for all characters that have achieved Level 20 and completed the Black Garden story mission will carry forward. We also plan to award those veteran accounts with honors that reflect your Destiny 1 accomplishments. 

We believe this is the best path forward. It allows us to introduce the major advancements and improvements that all of us expect from a sequel, ensuring it will be the best game we can create, unencumbered by the past. We’re looking forward to sharing more details with you later this year for how we will honor your legacy in the future.

Before we do that, we’re going to deliver “Age of Triumph” at the end of March. To show you what it’s all about, we’re planning a series of livestream showcases. We’ll be reintroducing you to some members of the Live Team, and they’ll be showing you the content and activity updates that they’ve been working on. The dates and times are listed below.

We kick things off next week.
*********END QUOTE**********************
This Fat piece of shit needs to get cancer.
    They want to tell"New stories"  without concluding their OLD STORY :  Who is the Exo Stranger, what is the true nature of the traveller and the speaker.     ALL these questions are going to be swept under the rug so they can shove some new explosions and re-skinned Cabal at us.  AS if we were 5 year olds that are easily distracted.  Fuck these assholes.  Boycott Destiny 2.  These assholes went to the J.J. Abrhams school of storytelling:  weave a plot with so many unanswered questions they just leave 75% of them unanswered and paint themselves into a corner.  99% of the exotics they gave us after year one were poorly designed , ill-conceived, and underwhelming.  They want to give us all-new exotics in the sequel: they are going to suck worse than the Nemesis Star.

   If the lion's share of their work is designing a whole new arsenal and armor sets, you can forget about them EXPANDING THE GAME IN A MEANINGFUL WAY AND GIVING US SPACE COMBAT WITH OUR STARSHIPS.   Destiny 2 is going to just be a reskinned Destiny one.  LAME.  Drive your sparrow and shoot shit.  Your spaceship is just going to be for a loading screen- AGAIN. Only now it will have a new paint job.  FUCK BUNGIE, FUCK LUKE SMITH, and FUCK THAT FAT MOTHER FUCKER DEEJ.   I hope they all get cancer and rot in hell. 

Sunday, February 26, 2017


Nobody reads anymore, so here is my report in video format.

The Latest Episode of Fighter's Corner is HERE!!!!!

This is the Final Season of Fighter's Corner.  It's going to be an exceptionally long season however, because I want to end it With VF6.   It's coming.  I have faith.  I am seriously burned out with Final Showdown.   That nerfed excuse for VF has worn out it's welcome in my house.  It's all about Vanilla for the time being.  Anyway , this episode is with the Duck of Death, my brother and VF sparring partner from two decades ago.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Rogue One Sucked

If your only metric for a movie is whether it is better than The Force Awakens (which sucked heinously) it's in a lot of trouble.     http://www.veoh.com/watch/v115463387bXT7fS6q

Lame meandering plot.  Crap practical effects.   Mediocre CGI characters( Tarkin, Leia).  Tarkin and Leia looked realistic enough, but they both animated like cartoon characters.  It looked like it was RUSHED. Disney is on this breakneck pace to make back the $4 Billion they paid George Lucas.  Disney has this plan to release one Star Wars movie a year.  If Disney took THREE YEARS to release Rogue one they would have gotten the Tarkin CGI quality up to an acceptable level.
George Lucas spaced the Star Wars movies 3 years apart for a reason.

<object width="410" height="341" id="veohFlashPlayer" name="veohFlashPlayer"><param name="movie" value="http://www.veoh.com/swf/webplayer/WebPlayer.swf?version=AFrontend."></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.veoh.com/swf/webplayer/WebPlayer.swf?version=AFrontend." type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="410" height="341" id="veohFlashPlayerEmbed" name="veohFlashPlayerEmbed"></embed></object><br /><font size="1">Watch <a href="http://www.veoh.com/watch/v115463387bXT7fS6q">VFWARLORDS ROGUE ONE REVIEW</a> in <a href="http://www.veoh.com/browse/videos/category/comedy">Comedy</a>  |  View More <a href="http://www.veoh.com">Free Videos Online at Veoh.com</a></font>

Why does Cassian wear a ski jacket on a desert planet? Is he an ass?