Thursday, July 28, 2016


James Slavin

This Neo Nazi young Hitler -youth Republican is public enemy number one.  Apparently his brother is in some Neo Nazi Biker Gang and they both post a lot of Racist shit on Facebook.  Let Homeland Security handle the threats against America, assholes.  Face value, he's a pathetic tryhard tournament bench warmer and he needs an ass whipping.  ALEX SLAM, coming up.

Charles Daughtrey

This punk bitch. Has  a million and one excuses to dodge (double shift over time, internet fucking up, dog getting raped by the neighbor's cat etc). Yet he has time to talk shit on the Street Fighter V Facebook group 24/7.  I'm beginning to thing the SFV facebook group is as much little bitches as VFDC : they talk more than they play.  Theorize and pontificate about tech they can't and don't ever im plement in an actual match.   When challenged they run and hide like roaches when the lights come on.  PUSSY!


This fat fuck is another event bench warmer whop tried to pop off and got his fat fuck feelings hurt. I
troll drone striked him so hard and fast he tried to cry for a mod. His pissing and crying got the thread in question shut down by the mods.  Lifted his skirt up and bitch smacked him.  My ALEX is gonna stomp him so hard his bitch tits will be lopsided !

STREET FIGHTER V And The 8 Frame Input Lag Debacle.

So, the 8-frame input lag on SFV.is it : (A)  A fucking governor (Automobile engine jargon : a speed limiter) to hold back Arcade stick players? (B)  A fucking shitty design choice for behavioral control?  (C) A smoke and mirrors cheap ruse to make the online net code look better than it is?  If it is door A, B, or C, CAPCOM STILL SUCKS DICK!!! Fix this shit!!!!

Lets say its choice (A) This fucking game, which has some admirable design directives ( elimination of Option selects, a stun meter, limiting high powered combos off of low risk moves)  has an annoying main direction to cater to casual scrubs.   That said pad players are scrubs, casual cunts.  Any given day, if one player on an arcade stick is up against a pad player, the arcade stick player will beat the pad player to the punch 90% of the time.  the input speed of SANWA buttons on an arcade stick is vastly superior to any analog pad.  ADDING 8 FRAMES INPUT DELAY TOTALLY FUCKS THAT UP!!! That's the point of fighting games: your reactions are supposed to have a one to one ratio with the characters input on screen.   If I wanted to enter inputs where my character reacts 30 seconds later, I WOULD PLAY A FUCKING RPG!!!!! So this theory is that Peter Rojas and Capcom cunts devised 8 frame input delay to act as an equalizer between Arcade stick OGs and Casual pad playing pussies.

Or, perhaps it is theory (B) 8 frame input lag is a system of behavioral control.  With 8F I.D., you have less time to visually recognize and assess the situation and react.  You 90% of the time have to take an educated GUESS and attack and hope you made the right read.  There is a higher level off RISK-REWARD in this situation.  If you bank on your opponent fighting you on the ground and you input ground attacks to get counter hits, and he instead jumps over you to cross you up, you are committed to your ground attacks and you are getting crossed up.  With 8F I.D., the die is cast, you can't cancel your string and neutral jump attack or anti air: THERE is NO TIME. Even if you input such a counter measure, it will take EIGHT FRAMES for the system to even acknowledge it and you will be crossed up and hit.

    With this situation you have to constantly be on the attack, and make educated guesses, and PRAY you made the right choice.  This favors aggressive players, and also favors characters high up on the tier list.  It's less ZEN.  ZEN would be to access what your opponent is ACTUALLY doing moment to moment, and countering it. In that case , you would be OUTHINKING your opponent. You would have time to analyze an opponents attack at take it apart.   it's a counter puncher's approach, and a more intellectual one.  A counter puncher's Zen like approach, while more defensive and less flashy, would allow "LOW TIER" characters to beat out high tier ones.  Look at the results of EVO.  ALL the High  tier characters were in  the top 16.   8F I.D. favors rush down brainless gameplay, which favors high tier characters that can afford to do that.

     You can call out "SHIMMY" all you want, but if BOTH players are shimmying, the high-tier character will win.  The meta game has to be deeper than that.
EVO 2016 Top 8. See any low tier characters on here?  You won't with this 8frame input delay YOLO SHIT.

Now lastly , Theory (D)  This is the least likely theory.  That Capcom wanted the transition between offline play and online play to be seemless, so they implemented 8 Frame input delay, so you don't notice how shitty the netcode in SFV is.    This could be because this game is so damn online focused right out of the gate: Capcom wanted the online play to look as good as possible.  for instance if  you practice a combo for 2 hours in training mode, then go online and can barely pull it off due to the inherent lag, you would curse the online mode and the online population would dwindle.  However, if you are forced to have 8 frames input lag from the get go, you would be conditioned  to compensate for it in your combos.  This is one of the evils of and "always online game"  and it all but destroys a fighter.  This is the most unlikely theory, because the lag STACKS in SFV when you go online:   You have to deal with the built in 8-frame input delay PLUS the 5+ frame lag forced on  you buy the internet connection.   This is also an unlikely theory because 8F I.D. or not, NOTHING can mask the amount of dropped frames  and slowdown in a bad-connection online match.

     In conclusion, the infamous and game-breaking (try hit confirming your V-trigger combos and target combos, you will drop them left and right)  eight-frame input delay is probably a result of theories (A) and (B) .  That fucking brains cock-head Peter "Combofiend" Rosas needs to be fired for this and over fuck-ups in the Street Fighter V design and launch failure.
    Don't get me wrong, SFV has some great Character designs , roster and gameplay ideas (V-Skills are a unique refreshing twist)  but like the 1985 Space Shuttle, it has some fatal design flaws.  The fact that Capcom is waiting until after Capcom Pro Tour 2016 to fix this shit speaks volumes as to how much they have their heads stuck up their collective ass. If you bought the Playstaion 4 version of Street Fighter V, you are basically FUCKED and have to buy the PC version and manually turn off V-synch in the config files. That will cut the game input lag to a more playable 4-frames. 
An example of how input lag and online lag stacks.  Mortal Kombat X is the worst affected by this.
Notice how SFV is the LEAST affected by online lag stacking because it is buffered by its inherent offline lag.  Stacks nontheless.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


      I've been playing with the features of the blogger app!  VFWARLORD now has a universal translator!  I've got a built in C-3PO, right on my right sidebar!!! I will extend VFWARLORDS Domination WORLDWIDE!!!!   Now I can curse people out in  100 different languages!!!!! This is awesome!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

NYGx-2!!!!! Part DEUX!!!!!

NYGX-2 is next month, August 12-14! AT I Fix Machine 2116 Bath Avenue, Brooklyn NY. We will Have Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown, VF5 Vanilla, VF 4 FINAL TUNED, Virtua Fighter 5 R, Virtua Fighter 3, CVSNK 2, MVC 3, Ultra , SFV, Super Turbo, the works. ITS ABOUT TO GO DOWN!!!!


Are you going to NYGX-2? Vote in the poll on the right sidebar!!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Bingo Book 2016

        Here is the 2016 installment of my ongoing VF Enemies list.

1) Denkai

New rule: when you pontificate on the mic like you have a doctorate degree in VF, then get swept 6 rounds straight, expect to get clowned.   This lame didn't get the memo.  The irony of the situation was too good to pass up, so I clowned him in a video.  Somebody posted it on the NYC VF facebook group, and he got all bent out of shape.  He's been pissing and moaning like a bitch on the rag for 7 days straight.

     I think it's hilarious. I've never seen Denkai get pissed and flame someone before.  Watching this nerd try to flame is as awkward and out of place as two whiteboys slap boxing.  Doing the video was fun enough for me.  Seeing this herb get so pissed and affected by it is the icing on the cake.  Be a man , admit you fucked up and be able to laugh at yourself.  Some people can't take a joke.  Anyway, I'm fighting Dumpy Denkai at Next Level today, on NYC VF Stream.  He's going to set a record for fastest turn around time being put on and taken out on the Bingo Book.

2) Chief Flash 

I've only fought this fucker about 6 matches offline. I've yet to beat the bastard.  Anyone dumb enough to follow Shang shouldn't be that hard to beat.  This pig fucker must be beaten by any means necessary!  This bounty is going to spill over into VF6, because nobody plays Final Showdown anymore.  It sucks and the game is dead. 

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Bungie is Nerfing Gjallarhorn!!! These Cunts will Rot in HELL!!!!(UPDATED 6/10/16)

UPDATE!!!!:  Bungie is giving us the Gjallarhorn back at FULL POWER!!!!! YES!!! For..................THIRTY U.S. DOLLARS!!!   So Basically Bungie is extorting us $30 to upgrade a weapon we ALREADY HAVE!!!    RISE of IRON Expansion is $30. Ok we get a new Raid, but damn infusing the G-horn should be free..  FUCK BUNGIE.
New Axe weapon is a relic like Crota's Sword.

Ballerhorns for everybody!!! As long as you're sucker enough to pay up!!!!

Yeah it's back, after they rob you for $30.

UPDATE: I called it!!  In a turn of events that's not shocking to me at all,  Bungie has announced that Gjallarhorn can NOT be Upgraded or Ascended to the max damage value of The Taken King.  This CONFIRMS that they are rendering Gjallarhorn virtually USELESS and obsolete in the Taken King Expansion and all subsequent expansions.  Kind of convenient that they waited to announce this after they have your preorder dollars, huh?   Well, Bungie can eat Shit.  I'm getting "The Taken King " expansion used on disc , so Bungie gets NONE of  my money.   I'm skipping the subsequent Vex and Cabal expansions , because lets face it, they are just glorified theme parks we reused assets that offer very little story.  They may have some light backstory for one isolated incident the DLC covers but that's it.  No info on "The Stranger" , no new progress towards recovery or insight on the Traveller.
Who is this chick?  What doesn't she have time to explain?  Wait five years to find out

                                It has dawned on me that Bungie has NO INTENTION of adding Ship to ship combat for this game anytime soon.  They are just going to keep rationing out meager content at overpriced rates.   Bungie has a 10 year plan for Destiny.   That means I might as well quit playing for FIVE YEARS and come back when this game is half way worthwhile and better fleshed out.
"Story"  in a game is supposed to inform
and entertain, the Grimoires only do the former,
thus making them a failure

Want the Traveller to wake up and play an active role in the story?  Don't hold your breath.
Don't Fuck With Our Gjallarhorn

Lets see, on top of Luke Smith being an arrogant prick In the Eurogamer interview about putting Exclusive DlC behind a paywall, on Top of Bungie forcing people to buy $5 cans of Redbull to get DLC, These ASSHOLES at Bungie have the FUCKING NERVE to nerf Gjallarhorn in the Taken King.  

Behold ,Excalibur.

      There are millions of detractors of Destiny. "There's no story, its repetitive.  Its Boring, it hides content you should have gotten in the box behind DLC Paywallls". You've heard it all before.  I've always defended the game because I could see the method to their madness.  They took the dev time and budget they could have wasted on pointless cutscenes , and put it into developing some of the most epic Exotic Weapons ever seen in a FPS.   What made Destiny stand head and shoulders above its predecessors and peers (including Halo) was the extraordinary , unique,  genius-designed Exotic weapons that made you a god among men. That, and the leveling system, the consumables that facilitated leveling, made this game the single success story in -post game content.   What I mean by post game content is the compelling initiative this game gives you to continue playing PVE after beating the main story.
Packing Heat.

          There are hundreds of open world games, after completing story mode, you have the option to continue playing PVE after completing the story.  However none of them , Grand Theft Auto included, ever really compelled me to do so.  The world seemed empty after completing the main game and continuing to play seemed pointless.  Not even the Achievement/Trophy system implemented last generation ever compelled me continue playing PVE after the main story.  The world just seemed dead.

          Destiny was the first open world game to break that trend.  Part of that was the endless hunt for Exotic weapons.  The Raids, those ultimate challenges were an impetus for you to seek those exotics so you could complete the end-game content easier.  

    Now lets get down to Gjallarhorn a formidable weapon to be sure, but it DOES NOT GUARANTEE VICTORY IN the RAIDS.  It's a damn good Rocket Launcher, THE best, with Hunger of Crota a distant second.  Still you have to have skill to use it.  It does more damage , so perhaps you'll be able to beat a Raid Boss in 15 minutes instead of 30.   Still within that 15 minutes, ANYTHING can happen.   You can get killed, somebody can fuck up and drop the relic,  Crota can get enraged, Somebody might not get cleansed of the Oracles Mark and get you all killed in the Ritual of Negation.
This is the twat rag son of a bitch who pulled the trigger on Nerfing Gjallarhorn, Bungie Destiny Weapon Designer, Jon Wiesnewski.  Leave it to an asshole pollack to fix something that isn't broken.

        Look, lets cut the shit.  People are defending the Gjallarhorn nerf because  1) they are low self esteem having twats who kiss Bungie's ass .  2) they are casual gamer PUSSIES and don't have a Gjallarhorn.  They are jealous of Gjallarhorn Owners and want to see us nerfed.
There is another subgroup of rational thinkers who are defending it because we don't know the exact percentage Bungie is nerfing the damage of the Wolfpack Rounds.

    Some say Wolfpack rounds will be nerfed 10%.  That is an optimistic, asshole assumption.  Look, Bungie sucks at Boss design.  People destroyed Skolas in record time with Gjallarhorn.  Rather than step their game up and design better Bosses with more intelligent AI and Movesets, Bungie wants to design the same static, slow moving Bullet sponge asshole bosses.  To slow us down from killing these boring pieces of shit,  They are nerfing Gjallarhorn.   That faggot David Dague "Deej"  of Bungie Public Relations was talking shit about the Gjallarhorn nerf .   He said he (and Bungie) "want
you to explore other options [other than  Gjallarhorn] to kill Raid bosses"    .  That said , a 10% reduction in Wolfpack rounds would NOT make Hunger of Crota a valid substitute , Nor would the Truth be a valid substitute to Gjallarhorn, and DEFINITELY not the Dragon's Breath Launcher.
You can Nerf my Gjallarhorn after you pry it from my cold, dead hands!


          This fucking PUSSYHOLE "Deej" (isn't "Deej" the name of the eldest daughter in "Full House" ?  What a faggot!!!  )  went on to say " We have a ten year plan for Destiny, and our ten year plan was not for you to shoot aliens for ten years with your Gjallarhorn"  Hey you fat pudgey  ASSHOLE, what fucking business it it of yours what fucking weapons we use?  Why do you fucking want to fuck up the only good thing you put in this game?  The Exotics are this games saving grace.   It's one of the few things that counters that old " People still play Destiny?" comment you see after every Destiny news story.  That said, there are SEVERAL exotics that are pieces of shit, and need to be buffed.   TRUTH, DRAGONS BREATH, MONTE CARLO, No LAND BEYOND,  NECROCASM.  (Necrocasm needs more than that bullshit perk adjustment, it needs to be redesigned from the ground up with Higher impact and a medium Fire rate, more damage per second).
Deej, Community Manager Fat Fuck Faggot


Going forward, what are these assholes going to do; add useful content like Ship to ship space combat, new planets, player owned and built bases planetside, or are they just going to keep fucking with weapons that are already popular and functioning, thus taking two steps backward?

If it's the latter, count me fucking out.  As it is , I'm getting the Taken King Used on Disc,so Bungie gets NONE of my money.  Vote with your wallets guys. We don't have to take this shit.  These assholes don't get to play God and dictate to us how we are supposed to play the game. Fuck them, we pay their salary!!! If they want to play God, we should play God  as well.  Push forward the initiative to JAILBREAK PLAYSTATION 4.   We will hack the game and undo all the fuck ups these assholes are trying to force on us.  It's a Meta-game for me now, how can I break the game and give Bungie the digital middle finger!?!?!?   The War to Hack Destiny has Begun!!!

Look a Gjallarhorn cake.  Eat up, the party is over, Guardians.