Saturday, November 17, 2012


Hunting Down Shang Yang,  the little troll with a big mouth from Boston.   Actually when I went To Boston Last April for the PAX EAST  Final Showdown Preview,I was hoping to own this loser offline.   He didn't show, but one of his disciple's Masang Lion did.  

           I hate it when these so called pro-players don't even show up to events in their own backyard.  Currently this pansie has resorted to being an online warrior, and he and Cheif Flash (who he is hiding behind) are running something called the r*pe room.  Who do they think they are?Uday and Qusay  Hussein?
You saw how THEY ended up.  Basically their r room works like this they compete  to see who can score ten wins on the victim first.

          Lol. That being funny aside,  Shang got out of line with me on One frame kill.  It's on.  He's stopped being amusing and now he's just another Target.  NUMBER ONE with a bullet on the Bingo Book.(See www.vfwarlord.blogspot.com for details on the bingo book).

Its VFwarlord.Blogspot.com vs' oneframekill .com   .  The EPIC war than will engulf the whole VF community!!

This is the first salvo in Operation Shanghai Storm  :


 The Mother of all wars has begun!  Cue Shangs Uncle doing the theme music.


Monday, November 12, 2012


These are the VF players I'm targeting for termination. Some are just great rivals, some are cunts from VFDC that ran their mouth's against the Don.   Others are jerk-offs that sucked so bad on Xbox Live (see. Happy Friend ) that they spent the entire match mashing 2P or just PPP, and got dissed online, and when on VFDC forum to bitch about how they got their sensitive little feelings  hurt.  They called down the thunder and now they've got it!  Some have already been beat down on Xbox Live, but they need a second dosage.  Some talk all kinds of shit on VFDC about how elite they are, yet they haven't  been online since the second month Virtua Fighter 5 Online was released. <---Not only that but when I played them  offline in Manhattan they really weren't shit.(Oioron).

  So here's the rogues gallery of homos and losers that are due for 3 game sweeps followed up by stomps after the match.

SHANG:  This Chinese asshole is actually a renegade of VFDC like myself. That ought to make him an ally of mine.   PROBLEM is he's an uncle tom  racist prick.  Not to give devils too much credit, chinese fag is just racist because he want's to be racist. Point blank, one of the reason's he  was banned several times is because he has a penchant for saying racists comments against African Americans.  This cunt  even had the nerve, or stupidity, to use the racist N word against ME, the DON, on his crappy blog.
He's  a classic case of letting your mouth write a check your ass can not cash,
I mean this dork was  afraid to do a first to  ten money match against Cozby in person, because he was afraid Cozby would rob him.  I've seen Cozby in person  at EVO and Summerjam,he's a little wimp who makes Erkel look like Conan The Barbarian. If you're afraid  of  Cozby why the fuck would you start shit with me., of all people.   Blood Clot stupid.

   He's an online warrior pussy so he will continue to hide under a rock and talk shit on Xbox live.   I'd like to see this fortune cookie eating rice paddy farmer call me a racial slur to my face.  BINGO BOOK ENEMY NUMBER ONE with a bullet.  Use's a spammy reckless Wolf.   All too easy to take down. Unfortunately I'll have to settle on owning him online.  UPDATE: See the WAR REPORT for full details on this vendetta's progress.http://youtu.be/edTgCu1HeCU

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/edTgCu1HeCU" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Sudden Death :  The only one on this list that was actually any good.  He's a Jeffrey player and a pretty good one. He's also a fat broke bum  and a hopeless nerd.I really think he couldn't afford that $12 it cost to play VF5 at NY Clan.  I really need to get some rematches against him, when we fought, I barely knew how to play VF5. Update: He's resurfaced at Next Level in the NYC Tuesday night meet-ups, but never shows at the Next Level Tourneys which I've been to.

Konjou Akira : This vag started a flame war with me becuase I corrected one of his idiot friends about how to up  load a replay .
It was funny seeing us clash in NYClan: we both used Akira. He clearly just started VF at VF4 as he did mostly only VF4 Akira's moves. Ive been playing Vf since VF 1, so my Akira favors VF2  moves more.
I stomped the hell out of him with Vanessa months later on XBL 2 rounds straight, when he was about to  lose the final round,  he resorted to using Akira's ten foot toss and juggle me for a ring out.  The Video is going upon Youtube as we speak. http://www.youtube.com/user/GoDokuNoDAN?feature=mhee
Months later after I mastered El Blaze we had a great match that was close,but I eeked out a win  . OWNED. I eventually got revenge with Vanessa and beat his Kage.   All three referred matches are going up on my Godokunodan youtube channel .

This goddamn Crispy faced Flavor Flav clone is a total pussy and basically spams Akira's easiest moves from VF4 nonstop.  I wanted to destroy this ankle biter on XBL, but unfortunately the little pussy quit playing online a month after the game came out.  I'll have to catch him the first month  of VF5 FS release,I guess.  Update: Came close to owning him again on VF5 Vanilla's last days, but he freaked out and started spamming cheap shit and edged me out.  Now seeing his post over the years his original argument with me looks less like a flame war and more consistent with his apparent personality:  he's a whiner. He bitches and pisses and moans about anything and Everything. If it's not whining about the lack of VF FS news,it about actually getting FS and how much it sucks.  So far he's quit Vf5 vanilla 3 times,and FS twice.  The guy is a vag and a major cunt rag.  He's always an unhappy downer.  He needs to kill himself already.

Oioron:   I have played this clown offline. He uses Kage and likes to spam his UF P+G thow, and yell "T-Bag"  What an asshole.  I was at NYCLAN , and he was explaining how to play VF to a new Player. He's like," when You are at disadvantage, throw escape".  And yet we where at NYCLAN for over two hours and He never did one throw escape once.  He's one of those theory fighters.  He talks a good game, but doesn't have the skills to back it up.  When VF5 first came out they had it on Display and you could play it at Best Buy ( at least I think it was him, it was this little Asian Dude.  No I'm not saying all chinese people look alike but I.
 only met him twice at NYCLAN, so I could be wrong).      He and I happened to be there, and we were on that PS3 for like a damn Half hour like we lived there.  Akira (Me) vs Lei Fei (Him)  fighting tooth and nail.  We put on a pretty good show for the shoppers, as the average player doesn't know shit about VF and cant play it at  all.  He was doing ALL of Lei Fei's Moves, and I was busting him up using Akira.  This was 2007, so by that point I had 13 years experience using Akira.  It was all out WAR.  He talked alot of Shit to me in VFDC  because of my beef with Konjou.  This punk is going down.   Again, this asshole does'nt play VF at all on XBL since the very beginning when it was released. I've seen his name on the leaderboards , that's all. UPDATE: This pussy seems to have comepletely quit VF. didnt come back for Final Showdown.  Most likely he died of Aids.

Myke: this Pillow biting Camel Jockey is the admin for VFDC banned me about three times, taking the sides of assholes like Sudden or LA Akira,  simply because I wasn't impressed by the latter's overpriced Virtua Stick High grade cabinet.   This  minor annoyance escalated to intense hatred when he proceeded to hound my alts on VFDC.   I don't have to take any shit from some four foot 7-11 clerk so I told him to go fuck himself.
He's a third-rate Kage player who sucks, and often fails to win tournaments even in the dismally small VF community in Austrailia, his home.  He's another Jackass that runs his mouth about VF more than he actually plays it.  He hasn't been online since like the first two months of the Xbox 360 release. I'll have to target this little doucher early on in Final Showdown's 360 release.   Update: I was on XBL non stop when FS came out,  never saw this Holiday Inn Towel head once.    Ah well. Australian lag would have sucked anyway.

Plague:  a Fat , 40 year old annoying Jerkoff that Mods VFDC.  As much as he runs his mouth on VFDC you'd  think he would be much better.  It's called Stun palm OF DOOM,not Stun Palm 'O Doom,you drunk irish asshole.  he's not  even that good,I want to kick his ass on XBL for sport.UPdate:  Met him at EVO,  didn't get to fight him in the tourney.  Next year or when I get a chance to go to Socal for WNF.

SDS Overfiend: This douche is  a 360 fanboy who only started playing the game when VF5 was released on 360, yet he talks like a pompous shithead that is some  VF expert, (What do you expect from an Xbot?)  even more typical of a 360 fanboy, he's a downlow faggot who outed himself  on VFDC  saying he likes watching the gay scenes on "Spatacus". I'm not joking! He actually said that. This is comedy gold, you can't make this stuff up!  UPDATE: Jacky using cunt who likes to spam slide shuffle shit all day.  Saw him beat some Goh n00b from VFDC ion a FT10, wasn't impressed.

Tony Familia:  This guy is funny, and not in a good way. He's  yet another 360 Fanboy, and big surprise he's the biggest flamer on VFDC. What does that tell you about 360 fanboys? I'm seeing a pattern here.   He uses Brad, in n00b fashion. He sucks at VF , he just uses VFDC as a chat room.  A complete loser , he only made the Enemies list because he trolled my Youtube channel. 
UPDATE: The mother fucker has PTS . When everybody on VFDC started telling him what a dick he is, he started bringing up his time in the Iraq war , like that will get him any sympathy or respect. Ever find those WMDs? Dick. He cried like a bitch and swore he's quitting VFDC.  Big loss.  He's all fucked up in the head and post walls of text on VFDC. A scrub and a nobody who thinks a match between him and accomplished players  can generate hype.   Made a whole thread about hype, then got his ass kicked by Tricky in the afformentioned hype match.   EPIC FAIL.  The Hunt for this cunt continues.

Kung Fu Smurf: This little bitch was a heckler at NY Clan. Never seen this punk play  VF. He might be good, as he seems like a vet.     Team, XLP member.
  UPDATE: Destroyed beat down in VF5 vanilla.  Case closed target terminated. Matches uploaded to youtube.


DISCLAIMER: VFWARLORD.COM does not promote hate for Asian people .  I don't hate Asian people , I don't even hate  Shang, but if you smack me I smack you back.  It's that simple. I'm pragmatic .

Shag the chinese trout-mouth dickbreath bastard from VFDC who likes to talk shit on the internet because 'there is no consequence'  has gone and fucked with the wrong New Yorker.   This racist  asian asshole likes to throw the "'n-. word" around too much,  trying to mask his  overt racism by ending it with an 'a' instead or   an 'r'.   And he's not saying it to be 'down' he's  the geekiest most assimilated chinese americanized dork chinese banana (see Harold and Kumar) I've ever seen.  I don't give a fuck what his reasons are,  he used that shit to address me,  big fucking mistake.     There's a bull's-eye on your face, charlie chan.   it's PANDA season!!!   That fu manchu may get away with that shit in boston where it's like 2% black people, but getting out of pocket with me is a one way trip to broken jaw city.  

     Just for starter's I'm going to destroy his bullshit spammy garbage Wolf.    Oh yeah I'm back on XBL early just to destroy this asshole.   I'm hunting him down,  and I'm not doing his faggot-ass homoerotic rape room bullshit.  He''ll have to  fight me one on one without his butt-buddy chief flash holding his hand.   I'll  see this chinese prick in ranked on my terms one on one TO THE DEATH.  
                                     This Asshole is now number one with a bullet on my Bingo Book

This time Shang let his mouth write a check that his ass can't cash.  Excerpt from Oneframekill, before the little shit can delete it: