Sunday, December 4, 2016

Marvel Vs Capcom INFINITE HYPE!! But Ryu Looks Stupid......................

Why does RYU look stupid, god damn it???? It looks like they just copy and pasted the Ryu from MVC3!!!! Fuck that!!!! If any thing I thought they would copy and Paste SFV Ryu, but then again  I guess they can't because Sony has exclusive rights on  all SFV content.   MVC Infinite is going multiplatform.   If Infinite was PS4 exclusive, it would be the Deathnote for Xbone.

This Ryu looks like he should be out catching Pokemon, or walking his dog, Goliath.

Put a headband on this guy, and you have the multiplatform Ryu.
   Infinite is rumored to be focusing only Marvel Cinematic Universe characters, ie NO XMEN.  It kind of sucks , but that will open up some room for new characters rather than copy and pasting Wolverine From the 20 year old Xmen  Children of the Atom.  You know I remember when Children of the Atom was BRAND NEW at my student union?  Damn I feel old.....................

Because Homos demanded it, Mega-man is back.

Rumor Mill says the Game is going to be 4-player 2 on 2 combat.   Ummmm, didn't SF X Tekken suck enough? Epic Fail!!!Stop doing weird shit!
Biggest mismatch EVER????

COMING DEC 25th 2017!!! only to be pushed back to MARCH 2018 like every other game at this show.
I'd do her. can she make ALL her hair stand up and glow? Does the carpet match the drapes?
What does this mean for SFV? Absolutely nothing.  Capcom stated they will support SFV up to 2020.

I was going to complain about SFV again, but for some reason I forgot what I was about to say..............

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