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Akira's Infamous1 frame knee

On the Scene at PAX Prime 2011

Akira's Infamous 1-frame knee

The holy grail of all Virtua fighter moves explained

Dec 25, 2010 5:00AM PST

Akira's Knee (Teish1tsu Dantai)
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1 frame Knee on Dural During side Crumple in round 3.
1-Frame Knee (Teish1tsu dantai) on Kage in round 1 after 6+k knee, and again secoonds later after Ten foot toss
Teish1tsu Dantai on Vanessa in beginning of Video, right after standing palm.
First of all use an arcade stick with quality arcade parts, like the Virtua Stick High Grade , a Mad Catz SF4 Tournament edition Fight Stick, or a Hori real Arcade Pro. ALL my blog entry advice is based off a Virtua Stick High Grade. If you want to argue you can use whatever stick,it and it doesn't matter,youre crazy and you are just making it harder on yourself.If you want to ice skate uphill, by all means go ahead, but I can't help you.
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Like Akira says,you're Ten years too early! isclaimer End: The move in question here is the coveted Akira's Knee , **** DANTAI , the move that has haunted players for over a decade. You have to press K+G, then release G after ONE farme (one sixtieth of a second) while still holding K. It does 27 points of damage and it is a launcher, meaning it is INTEGRAL to combo's. Now, just like my notation on how to do the SPoD and The Basara, A light tap on the buttons is required initially K+G. This means less than a half press of the buttons. aYou have to Jump off the G button as quickly as possible though, while still holding K, for the **** Dantai to initiate. The kicker here is you have to watch Akira. The rule of the thumb here is IF AKIRA IS MOVING , AND YOU ARE STILL HOLDING BOTH K+G , YOU KNOW YOU ALREADY FAILED.
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Try again. You have to treat the G button like it's HOT , press it quickly while pressing K but lightly. You have to only press K+G for ONE frame, then release G while holding K. My best advice is in training mode,don't watch the frame counter for this move .It's pointless to do it, and it will just agravate you looking at that thing. The closest I came to getting **** Dantai of while lookig at the frame counter is holding G+K for TWO frames then releasing G. It's better to not quantify frames in this case, your attention will be split between your input and watching the counter. And you won't have the frame counter display in a match anyway, so don't build up a reliance on it. Don't watch the frame counter , watch Akira. If he moves, and your still pressing K+G, you fail. You hve to be done pressing K+G and only pressing K by the time he animates. **** Dantai looks like this, Akira raises his knee 90 degrees to his body and folds his lead arm paralell to the ground. The move makes a deep thunder sounding side effect, the sound akira makes when he stomps the ground, and Akira Kias, (spirit shout in combat) . If you fail, Akira does the Zanshu, a knee move that does only 18 points of damage and doesnt launch opponents. The consolation is Zanshu is a canned combo with a special punch move. You just need to tell the difference between the **** and Zanshu. In Zanshu,Akiras knee goes up higher, 60 degrees from his body and he holds his lead arm straight up. But screw Zanshu, we want the **** Zantai here. After a **** Dantai, if you launch a lightweight (one of the girls) combo directly into 6P, 46+P , 33 46+P. Thats Akira's Knee, Elbow , standing Palm, Double Palm Strike for the uninitiated. For Heavyweights (Jeffrey Wolf ETC) do **** Dantai, 6P ,6P, 33 46+P. (Akira's Knee, elbow ,elbow, double palm.) combo 16 from the VF5 Black Book (on lightweights) Do **** Dantai, P, 33P , 33 46+P Combo 17 fromthe VF5 Black Book (on lightweights), Do **** Dantai, P, P 33 46+p These next two combos are harder because they END in **** Dantai, so you have to master **** Dantai by this point to do them. Combo 26 from the VF5 Black Book (any weight) 43+P, PK **** Dantai. Combo 27 from the VF5 Black Booksingle dash palm :hold 2,6+P,P (on hit,to do the canned elbow follow up) , **** Dantai. I myself can do the **** Dantai 1 out of 3 tries or 1 out of fours, so I have a 25% chance of landing most of these combos. +
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 Me doing the 1 frame knee to cause  wall  splat.

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