Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ben Affleck SUCKS as THE BATMAN. IGN cant Tell The Public What to Think

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These four idiots from IGN decided to slap together a sh#*tty fluff piece about Ban "Gigli" Affleck being cast as Batman in the Upcoming  Batman Vs Superman Movies.  They think they are fit to  tell all the IGN readers they aren't allowed to have an opinion.  Worst of all, its the Bottom of the Barrel of IGN:
1)Jim  Vejvoda; Some dork with glasses who is also from Boston like Affleck (biased much?). He's probably some Affleck stalker freak with a gimp mask and has a Affleck tattoo on his ass.
2) Roth , The fat Chick with D*ck Suck Lips who does Breaking Bad review videos.
3) Some 60 year old man I've never heard of.
4) And some other random loser from the IGN intern pool.  So yeah it's a real meeting of the minds here.

 They slapped together this sh*tty video using google plus. they didn't have the sense or class to take their Iphone Headphones out of their ears , and people are supposed to take their assinine opinions seriously.   They are butthurt because the people HATE Affleck cast as Batman?
Yes they are butthurt. Throughout the video, these dorks keep telling the IGN audience (who pays your paycheck by bringing you advertising revenue). They don't know anything about casting, they should shut up and step back etc. Because they are filmschool dropouts that fantasize about being industry insiders. In this unprofessional, slapped together video ( Wearing Iphone headphones in the video? Classy).

originalBatfleck and Robin
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They take this arrogant air like they are such Hollywood studio big shots and they totally have a handle on why Ben Affleck is a good choice for Batman. Joke. They are so low on the foodchain they couldn't even afford professional earpieces and mics clipped to their backs. They have as much credibilty and their opinions have as much weight as four Kaybee Toy Store employees getting on the internet and telling everyone they are experts on the movie business.
The long and short of it is they are complaining about the MASSIVE LEGION of complaints and public outcry against Ben Gigli Affleck getting cast as Batman. We don't need FOUR IGN articles in 24 hours about IGN trying to put a positive spin on Batfleck.
They are just trolling for clicks at this point. It's IGN's "the Business side of it".
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Affleck is a joke. He cant act. In every movie, he just plays himself. In the Sum Of All Fears he was the WORST Jack Ryan on film.  His sh*tty movies are a crime against humanity:  Bounce, Forces of Nature. Surviving Christmas, Changing Lanes,  Mallrats, He's Just Not That Into You.  Paycheck.   Daredevil . Gigli.  Jersey girl. In all those movies he sucked.  He and Matt Damon Started on a High Point, Good Will Hunting.  From that point Matt Damon's career  went UP, doing stellar performances,  featuring in critically acclaimed movies. And Ben Affleck's Career went DOWN,  he did any movie of any script that was handed to him, phoned in crappy (sometimes funny as he's good in comedies) performances and his reputation became synonymous with crappy slapstick B-movies and Romantic Comedies.The STIGMA against Ben Affleck is the negative one HE built on his questionable career choices and sub-par work.  He is not the victim.  THAT is why the internet is up in arms against him being cast as Batman.  IT"S TOO LATE for him to do a 180. I don't give a sh*t about seeing "the Town" is was a crappy budget movie.
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I don't care about Argo.True story or not I give two craps about some Israeli hostages.  I will not give him another chance.  Screw him, he made his bed let him choke in it.
If Carrot Top all of a sudden does a funny Stand Up Comedy movie, it will now change my opinion about Carrot Top.  He has a long history of being garbage, and I will not pay good money to watch any of his future work. Same with this Gigli asshole.
 As far as these pretentious IGN NOBODIES presuming to talk down to the IGN Audience, kill yourselves. Your main role is to fetch Greg Miller coffee, you are nobodies, you're nothing.  Affleck's company working with Warner Bros makes him the Automatic go to guy to be cast as Batman? Shut the hell up. Don't act like you're Hollywood gurus. We are grown people, we understand business decision's just fine. WE JUST DON'T GIVE A SHIT AND BUSINESS DECISIONS ARE NOT A FACTOR IN OUR ENJOYMENT OF A  MOVIE.   Your business Motivations are to kiss Warner Bros ASS ass  Much as possible so they give you as much ad revenue as possible. Your opinions are biased and not credible.
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They are just trolling for clicks at this point. It's IGN's "the Business side of it".
IGN just makes top ten list with choices EVERYONE will hate to intentionally cause controversy and instigate arguments so they get more clicks via the comment section.  You know this shity IGN Chat was slapped together for the purpose of Trolling clicks after the initial announcement article got over 100,000 clicks.

The upside of this is now Affleck is self contained and quarantined in DC Comic Movies, so he can't INFECT and RUIN Avengers 2 or any Marvel movies.
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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

PLaystation 4 is Outselling Xbox One 4 to 1 in Preorders !!!!.

Source : http://pixelenemy.com/ps4-pre-orders-leading-41-against-xbox-one-in-netherlands/


This is what happens when you take Gamers for granted you assholes .  Microsoft was originally going to launch Xbox One in 21 territories . Now the Launch has dropped to 13 territories.


Final Analysis: Xbox One SUCKS and is geared up for EPIC FAIL.

I'm going to start calling that shit the X-BRICK.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

One Frame Kill Pussies Out of NYG 8

Pussy ass Shang chickens out of New York Gathering and turns YELLOW. i knew hat little chinese queer was going to fold.  He made a post on the NYC VF facebook blaming Shag for making the NYG8 page public, and his wife saw it.  What a pussy, his wife wears the pants in that family.  So he had a built in  excuse for not showing.  Doesn't he have enough fucking sense to make a separate facebook account for VF related shit?    I  do.  I don't want any chicks knowing I play video games. 

That little asshole needs to shut down his blog and shut the fuck up forever.  Man up, stop being a pussy whipped little bitch and bring your punk ass to the next tournament. Shang,  your wife isn't going to divorce you for taking one trip without her for 72 hours. 
If she is, it has more to do with your piece of shit personality and your deformed frog-looking face.

  If he's not going to go to a New York tourney which is only a 4 hour drive from Boston, he's not going to any tourneys period.     A pity , I was looking forward to kicking the shit out of this pussy offline and continuing THE WAR ON SHANG.