Saturday, May 24, 2014

Shenmue 3 will be at E3 2014!!!!!


Neogaf leaked  2 days ago that SEGA has trademarked Shenmue 3 for consoles.  This comes on the heels of Sega putting Ryo Hazuki in two sequels of Sonic All Stars racing (with "Shenmue 3" on his license plate). The Japanese PS4 debut commercial, showing a user interface with "RYO H" as the username.  Finally, Mark Cerny did the translator work for Yu Suzuki at Suzuki San's Shenmue Post Mortem at Games Developer conference. 

  I don't have confirmation yet, but the writing is on the wall Shenmue 3 is going to be a Sony PS4 exclusive, with Sony bank-rolling the project.   Similar to how Microsoft paid for Dead Rising 3 to be exclusive, and Bankrolled TitanFall, so they could get that as an exclusive.  You can take Titanfall and shove it up you ASS, X-bots, we are getting SHENMUE 3!!!   

"Bring it, Bitch!!"

Previously, it was leaked that the Last Guardian was coming to PS4, and will be announced at E3 with another secret Sony Studio Japan game.  Now I know Marc Cerny has a large prominent role in Sony studio Japan, so I was hoping and crossing my figures that the unannounced Studio Japan game was Shenmue 3.  Now, it is extremely likely that is the case.  With Yu Suzuki at the helm of the Shenmue project, studio Japan would do all the heavy lifting.  The Old Shenmue team has split to the four winds by now, that the remainder of AM2 is probably neck deep in Virtua Fighter 6 right now. 

Proof this isn't bullshit. http://www.gamepur.com/news/14743-sega-trademarks-new-shenmue-game-shenmue-3-confirmed-e3-2014.html

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  1. UPDATE!: So 99% of this was on the money!!! Sony IS bank-rolling the Project: This kickstarted was just that: the jumpstart the game needed, and SONY will provide the actual fuel to get the game done. Think of the Kickstarter as a sparkplug, and sony is the Gasoline. So Sony Studio of Japan is in fact lending development support, but Yu Suzuki-san's own team is doing the majority of the game development. AWESOME!!! I put doen $100 to the Kickstarter so I get a free copy and a preview demo in December 2017!