Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Bingo Book 2016

        Here is the 2016 installment of my ongoing VF Enemies list.

1) Denkai

New rule: when you pontificate on the mic like you have a doctorate degree in VF, then get swept 6 rounds straight, expect to get clowned.   This lame didn't get the memo.  The irony of the situation was too good to pass up, so I clowned him in a video.  Somebody posted it on the NYC VF facebook group, and he got all bent out of shape.  He's been pissing and moaning like a bitch on the rag for 7 days straight.

     I think it's hilarious. I've never seen Denkai get pissed and flame someone before.  Watching this nerd try to flame is as awkward and out of place as two whiteboys slap boxing.  Doing the video was fun enough for me.  Seeing this herb get so pissed and affected by it is the icing on the cake.  Be a man , admit you fucked up and be able to laugh at yourself.  Some people can't take a joke.  Anyway, I'm fighting Dumpy Denkai at Next Level today, on NYC VF Stream.  He's going to set a record for fastest turn around time being put on and taken out on the Bingo Book.

2) Cheif Flash Aka Cheif FLUSH, A piece of shit.

I've only fought this fucker about 6 matches offline. I've yet to beat the bastard.  Anyone dumb enough to follow Shang shouldn't be that hard to beat.  This pig fucker must be beaten by any means necessary!  This bounty is going to spill over into VF6, because nobody plays Final Showdown anymore.  It sucks and the game is dead. 

MyKe  "The Dyke" Abdow

This camel jockey has been more elusive than Bin Laden , Uday and Kusay combined.  He's quite Wily!  Sega Cup One I got delayed and made it to the event a day late, so that was a bust.  NYGX I failed to advance to get to him in  the tournament.  Now VF is dead...............................

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Bungie is Nerfing Gjallarhorn!!! These Cunts will Rot in HELL!!!!(UPDATED 6/10/16)

UPDATE!!! I got a Rise of Iron Gjallarhorn and it is sick as FUCK!!! The mission to get it is TIGHT?
So the fact that we had to pay $30 to get Gjallarhorn back is mitigated by the facty that it is included in some sick content.  I have played almost all the quest and done 3/4 of the Raid. I have a final Boss checkpoint and all weeekend to finish it. Looking good to get the raid done in month  one.

UPDATE!!!!:  Bungie is giving us the Gjallarhorn back at FULL POWER!!!!! YES!!! For..................THIRTY U.S. DOLLARS!!!   So Basically Bungie is extorting us $30 to upgrade a weapon we ALREADY HAVE!!!    RISE of IRON Expansion is $30. Ok we get a new Raid, but damn infusing the G-horn should be free..  FUCK BUNGIE.
New Axe weapon is a relic like Crota's Sword.

Ballerhorns for everybody!!! As long as you're sucker enough to pay up!!!!

Yeah it's back, after they rob you for $30.

UPDATE: I called it!!  In a turn of events that's not shocking to me at all,  Bungie has announced that Gjallarhorn can NOT be Upgraded or Ascended to the max damage value of The Taken King.  This CONFIRMS that they are rendering Gjallarhorn virtually USELESS and obsolete in the Taken King Expansion and all subsequent expansions.  Kind of convenient that they waited to announce this after they have your preorder dollars, huh?   Well, Bungie can eat Shit.  I'm getting "The Taken King " expansion used on disc , so Bungie gets NONE of  my money.   I'm skipping the subsequent Vex and Cabal expansions , because lets face it, they are just glorified theme parks we reused assets that offer very little story.  They may have some light backstory for one isolated incident the DLC covers but that's it.  No info on "The Stranger" , no new progress towards recovery or insight on the Traveller.
Who is this chick?  What doesn't she have time to explain?  Wait five years to find out

                                It has dawned on me that Bungie has NO INTENTION of adding Ship to ship combat for this game anytime soon.  They are just going to keep rationing out meager content at overpriced rates.   Bungie has a 10 year plan for Destiny.   That means I might as well quit playing for FIVE YEARS and come back when this game is half way worthwhile and better fleshed out.
"Story"  in a game is supposed to inform
and entertain, the Grimoires only do the former,
thus making them a failure

Want the Traveller to wake up and play an active role in the story?  Don't hold your breath.
Don't Fuck With Our Gjallarhorn

Lets see, on top of Luke Smith being an arrogant prick In the Eurogamer interview about putting Exclusive DlC behind a paywall, on Top of Bungie forcing people to buy $5 cans of Redbull to get DLC, These ASSHOLES at Bungie have the FUCKING NERVE to nerf Gjallarhorn in the Taken King.  

Behold ,Excalibur.

      There are millions of detractors of Destiny. "There's no story, its repetitive.  Its Boring, it hides content you should have gotten in the box behind DLC Paywallls". You've heard it all before.  I've always defended the game because I could see the method to their madness.  They took the dev time and budget they could have wasted on pointless cutscenes , and put it into developing some of the most epic Exotic Weapons ever seen in a FPS.   What made Destiny stand head and shoulders above its predecessors and peers (including Halo) was the extraordinary , unique,  genius-designed Exotic weapons that made you a god among men. That, and the leveling system, the consumables that facilitated leveling, made this game the single success story in -post game content.   What I mean by post game content is the compelling initiative this game gives you to continue playing PVE after beating the main story.
Packing Heat.

          There are hundreds of open world games, after completing story mode, you have the option to continue playing PVE after completing the story.  However none of them , Grand Theft Auto included, ever really compelled me to do so.  The world seemed empty after completing the main game and continuing to play seemed pointless.  Not even the Achievement/Trophy system implemented last generation ever compelled me continue playing PVE after the main story.  The world just seemed dead.

          Destiny was the first open world game to break that trend.  Part of that was the endless hunt for Exotic weapons.  The Raids, those ultimate challenges were an impetus for you to seek those exotics so you could complete the end-game content easier.  

    Now lets get down to Gjallarhorn a formidable weapon to be sure, but it DOES NOT GUARANTEE VICTORY IN the RAIDS.  It's a damn good Rocket Launcher, THE best, with Hunger of Crota a distant second.  Still you have to have skill to use it.  It does more damage , so perhaps you'll be able to beat a Raid Boss in 15 minutes instead of 30.   Still within that 15 minutes, ANYTHING can happen.   You can get killed, somebody can fuck up and drop the relic,  Crota can get enraged, Somebody might not get cleansed of the Oracles Mark and get you all killed in the Ritual of Negation.
This is the twat rag son of a bitch who pulled the trigger on Nerfing Gjallarhorn, Bungie Destiny Weapon Designer, Jon Wiesnewski.  Leave it to an asshole pollack to fix something that isn't broken.

        Look, lets cut the shit.  People are defending the Gjallarhorn nerf because  1) they are low self esteem having twats who kiss Bungie's ass .  2) they are casual gamer PUSSIES and don't have a Gjallarhorn.  They are jealous of Gjallarhorn Owners and want to see us nerfed.
There is another subgroup of rational thinkers who are defending it because we don't know the exact percentage Bungie is nerfing the damage of the Wolfpack Rounds.

    Some say Wolfpack rounds will be nerfed 10%.  That is an optimistic, asshole assumption.  Look, Bungie sucks at Boss design.  People destroyed Skolas in record time with Gjallarhorn.  Rather than step their game up and design better Bosses with more intelligent AI and Movesets, Bungie wants to design the same static, slow moving Bullet sponge asshole bosses.  To slow us down from killing these boring pieces of shit,  They are nerfing Gjallarhorn.   That faggot David Dague "Deej"  of Bungie Public Relations was talking shit about the Gjallarhorn nerf .   He said he (and Bungie) "want
you to explore other options [other than  Gjallarhorn] to kill Raid bosses"    .  That said , a 10% reduction in Wolfpack rounds would NOT make Hunger of Crota a valid substitute , Nor would the Truth be a valid substitute to Gjallarhorn, and DEFINITELY not the Dragon's Breath Launcher.
You can Nerf my Gjallarhorn after you pry it from my cold, dead hands!


          This fucking PUSSYHOLE "Deej" (isn't "Deej" the name of the eldest daughter in "Full House" ?  What a faggot!!!  )  went on to say " We have a ten year plan for Destiny, and our ten year plan was not for you to shoot aliens for ten years with your Gjallarhorn"  Hey you fat pudgey  ASSHOLE, what fucking business it it of yours what fucking weapons we use?  Why do you fucking want to fuck up the only good thing you put in this game?  The Exotics are this games saving grace.   It's one of the few things that counters that old " People still play Destiny?" comment you see after every Destiny news story.  That said, there are SEVERAL exotics that are pieces of shit, and need to be buffed.   TRUTH, DRAGONS BREATH, MONTE CARLO, No LAND BEYOND,  NECROCASM.  (Necrocasm needs more than that bullshit perk adjustment, it needs to be redesigned from the ground up with Higher impact and a medium Fire rate, more damage per second).
Deej, Community Manager Fat Fuck Faggot


Going forward, what are these assholes going to do; add useful content like Ship to ship space combat, new planets, player owned and built bases planetside, or are they just going to keep fucking with weapons that are already popular and functioning, thus taking two steps backward?

If it's the latter, count me fucking out.  As it is , I'm getting the Taken King Used on Disc,so Bungie gets NONE of my money.  Vote with your wallets guys. We don't have to take this shit.  These assholes don't get to play God and dictate to us how we are supposed to play the game. Fuck them, we pay their salary!!! If they want to play God, we should play God  as well.  Push forward the initiative to JAILBREAK PLAYSTATION 4.   We will hack the game and undo all the fuck ups these assholes are trying to force on us.  It's a Meta-game for me now, how can I break the game and give Bungie the digital middle finger!?!?!?   The War to Hack Destiny has Begun!!!

Look a Gjallarhorn cake.  Eat up, the party is over, Guardians.

Capcom Can EAT SHIT!!!

  Damn it, those Funky Bastards are gonna pay!!!    Capcom, aka Crapcom won't let me monetize youtube videos. What fucking game company puts audio visual copyright claims on game footage?!?!? Its a sacrilege .  Even Nintendo, douche bags that they are, only take 10% of your monetization earnings.  Now I don't feel bad for not selling out Virtua Fighter to do Street Fighter videos.   It was tempting though, because ONE of my Marvel vs Capcom videos got 36,000 views, that's almost half of my total views in 4 years.
Sweet Chin Music!!!

Time to die, ASSHOLE!

Fucking Blanka Ultra

    Whatever, fuck Capcom. I'm excited for Street Fighter V, I may upload some matches.  However, no way am I going to give it the VFWarlord Production treatment and produce it to an episode of FIGHTERS CORNER quality.  That takes too much time and energy, and it's not worth the effort if Crapcom is going to copyright strike it right off the bat.  I already gotta worry about getting copyright strikes for music.
Cannon Drill!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

SHENMUE III is Coming Back!! Like the Phoenix from the ASHES!!! Support The SHENMUE III KICKSTARTER!!!

 Man I love being right.  Shenmue easter eggs were in the Japanese Playstation 4 debut video. In GDC 2013 Mark Cerny took a pic with Yu Suzuki and the photographer SAID they were discussing Shenmue III funding.  Mark Cerny did the translating for Yu Suzuki's Shenmue postmortem at GDC 2014.   Dead giveaway.   People said that was just a coincidence . Those people are morons.

 Fast forward to June 2015, and Shenmue 3 is announced for PS4.   Hate to say I told you so, on this very blog, but I did.   This is surreal.  I remember when Shenmue  was a prototype, and described as a Virtua Fighter RPG during the Dreamcast debut.  When it evolved from that , to the game I finally got to play, I was blown away.  When I played Shenmue for the first time , it was surreal. After all the hype and the concept pitches, plus Yu Suzuki's Virtua Fighter Pedigree, I couldn't believe I was actually playing it finally.

     Few games have evoked that kind of response in me, that surreal feeling. the first Metal Gear Solid, Virtua Fighter 3  (all the hype behind that, the 1 million polygons,  and the final product was unbelievable), Grand Theft Auto 3,  and definitely the Metal Gear Solid 4 Demo that came with the Anniversary disc.
  I've been playing video games since Pac-Man in the arcades, its hard to elicit that reaction of amazement out of me.

     I'm just glad Yu Suzuki didn't just give up on making Shenmue 3.  Look it's been 14 years.  The average person would've given up and become a used car salsesman by now.  He could have grown bitter, and be completely unwilling to make a Shenmue III after all this time.  We are lucky.

SUPPORT THE SHENMUE III KICKSTARTER.  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ysnet/shenmue-3/description
The campaign expires July 17 , 2015.

Great games like this are few and far between.

I rebroadcasted the Shenmue III Q&A in case you missed it.
Here's my Shenmue 3 reaction video:
  ****Technical Update**** I just came up with another theory as to why the sound was off: I was using a USB extension cable for the camera.  The audio degradation could be a combination of the low integrity of the extension cable, and the extension cable's close proximity to TOO MANY OTHER cables coming from my PC.

    Often when cables get bunched up together, Electromagnetic interference damages the signal.  Notice the reddish tone to my skin in the video? That shouldn't be, because the camera's setting were set to default.  I noticed on my PC screen's display that my skin color would fluctuate between that reddish color and my actual skin tone at random.  I thought it was a ram or processing problem that would stabilize.  In hindsight , I think it was actually electromagnetic interference degrading the audio AND video signal.

I usually don't have sound issues with my videos.  This is a new setup to accommodate the green screen.  A few more days of troubleshooting could have resolved this, but I was pressed for time as the Shenmue Kickstarter only has a couple  weeks left.  Time was of the essence to get this finished and published.

*****Technical Update 2******
I just ran some tests, and the Noise cancellation feature of "Live Central " recording software actually worsens the sound instead of improving it: It was enhancing that"muffling effect" I was hearing in my voice.  I'll make sure that is OFF in the future.

Latest War on Shang Video Moved to Veoh.com! (UPDATED AUGUST 8th 2015)

    Bullshit UMG and Eminem filed a claim against the War On Shang Tet Offensive video, and it got muted.   Honestly, they are being cunts.  The main song that they got the video muted over is Renegade, and its a 14 year old song. They should be grateful ANYBODY is still playing that shit, it gets no airplay anymore.  My video is probably the most airplay that song has gotten in ten years.
     Anyway, the War on Shang video uses SIX other songs, and all six other owners of the songs just monetized the video so they get paid based on the click traffic .

    So basically UMG music and cunt Eminem not only screwed me over, but the owners of the other six songs as well.  They could have NOT been cunts and just monetize the video like everybody else did.  Whatever. Its on Dailymotion.  http://www.dailymotion.com/Godokunodan

  I will put it on Veoh, Facebook,  Stagevu , Twitch, and anywhere else I feel like.. UMG can eat shit.  I WILL NOT BE STOPPED!!!
UPDATE: The video was taken down on Daily Motion( Daily Motion is an unorganized mess)
I put it up on Veoh.com, and it is still up there .  Here is the link   

Bingo Book Update!!

That scrub T-Spam got his bitch ass kicked.  He's been dodging me and running for years.  Joining 1FK must've gave him some courage. Its false courage , because he sucks and got owned.  I don't really think he's Dominican.  I think he's a Hatian.  1:2 Hatians are born simpleminded, and he's a fucking moron.

Thursday, February 19, 2015


He can't play VF5.  He CLAIMS he played VF2 back in 1997 (3 YEARS after its release , lol) but when Shang asked him which characters could sidestep in VF2, he could only remember Shun. Lol its SHUN AND LION dumbass, that's a no-brainer.   STEP UP TO MY LEVEL AND PLAY VANILLA VF5 , I'M NOT STEPPING DOWN TO YOURS.

Anyway Shang, the Chinese Nazi set up a FT10 between me and Blackstrap. I set the terms: VF2 rules best of 3 rounds, high walled rings and VF5 as the main game.  The Fucking Haitian pussy Blackstrap chickens out.  He's such a scrub he doesn't even know VF5.  Fucking FS playing morons. They like that garbage because they don't know any better. These fucking new jacks are coddled and soft with their lazy throw escapes , tracking strings and best of 5 round matches .
Am I the last REAL VF player alive? Am I the Last Dragon?

What's annoying about Blackstar?  He calls that medicated psycho STL Tim "Tim Sensei".  He constantly 
refers to RAW matches as "Pokemon Gym Battle matches".  For equating VF with Pokemon , he deserves a bash in the face with a Cricket Bat.  Worst of all, he keeps suggesting FS is the best version of VF of all time.  When anyone calls him on it, he backpetals and flip flops and says he loved the older versions.  This guy should be a politician, he's so full of shit.   These new FS players are intolerable.


And now because YOU demanded it, the UNCLE TOM OF THE YEAR AWARDS!!!

The Nominees are:


And the winner is....../Drumroll.......
JACKO !!!! YOU FAT FUCK!!! You FUCKING CALIFORNIA RASIN!! Congratulations!! Your prize is a tub of SlimFast powder mix!!!!

You drink that shit this time asshole, Lose weight, bitch tits!!!You fat faggot!!! What happened to the Tape before NYG 8? On Harpooneer's AVERMEDIA LGP>>> I beat your ass 14 times. You punk bitch. You won more, but I beat your stupid ass 14 times. During the set Harpooneer's like "Guys, I have an LGP set up press the button to turn it on." I do it, its CLEARLY RECORDING, and  beat a raincheck into Jacko's string spamming ass.  Next week I ask Harpooneer where's the tape from then LGP last week. he snaps " I don't know!!!' all defensive.  Cunts.  He erased it for a cover up for that fat fuck.

This stupid fucking FAT poser tried to call me black as midnight. Look you retarded fat shithead. We are both just garden variety black people: Brown Skinned. You are Fucking stupid. If you are browner than a Brown Paper Bag, you're JUST BLACK. ok ?? Asshole, you are not light skinned , you are in no position to talk about somebodies complexion .  You're self hating black man, no wonder you're an Uncle Tom.  Jacko is resident Token and Slave to Shang Yang, the most Racist Chinese Nazi I have ever met. He's not racist towards all races , mind you, just African Americans. He's NWO's MASCOT , their pet. Liked a prized pig.  I'm gonna start calling that fat little toad "Igor". Jacko doesn't have a problem with that because he is a fat bastard with no self esteem.  The self hating Black asshole looks and acts like Uncle Ruckus from the Boon Docks.

      Look, James Brown was a Dark skinned Black man, and he embraced it.   He made the song, "BLACK AND PROUD". You know what? That is the official VFWARLORD theme song.   That's the problem today, we got too many Black people who don't want to be Black.  We got those sell outs and Oreos, who say "I'm 1/4 Cherokee" or "I'm half Italian" . Really, you don't look Italian Bitch, you look fucking Black.  AFRICAN.,  Deal with it.  Native Africans are mad Dark. We got diluted because our ancestors were raped in Slavery by White Slave owner's .  That's not something to be proud of and gravitate towards.  If anything we should laud people for being darker.  In fact I'm going to Jamaica this summer and getting a Sun Tan..  Happy Black History Month Everybody, and don't be an Uncle Tom Oreo cunt like Jacko. (Clarence Thomas' bastard son).

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


  • <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/RNAueImtCXg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  • Fighter's Corner  Season 3 is now uploaded.  Kept you waiting huh? Thanks to my loyal subscribers who stuck with Godokunodan Youtube channel while Fighter's Corner was undergoing a redesign. *****(See footnote about that below.) Season 3 will start off better than Season 2, and I can guarantee halfway through season 3 will be 100 percent better than Season 3 episode one.  I had some ideas to improve FC, and it took some time to learn the new editing software to make my new design ideas a reality. FG format is always changing.  I don't like to rest on my laurels.   This first video is a prototype of things to come.
       Originally FC was a countdown series to VF5 FS.  VF 5 fight analysis as we await FS.  Now FC is a countdown series to the inevitibe announcement of VIRTUA FIGHTER 6.  Please God, may Sega come to their senses and bring the series back to the gameplay style of VF4 FT and VF5.

****(If you are a Godokunodan YT subscriber or a Godokunodan 999 subscriber, list your main Character in VF and your email address. I have something planned to show my appreciation of your support).