Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Will Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown have a story mode?

We know how lacking the story mode has been in Vf, but IF Sega really wants to turn things around,they should include a few cutscenes per character using the in game engine. we still haven't heard their plans for FinalShowdown single player mode, so a guy can dream. Look at it this way, they are willing to go against tradition and include 8-player lobbies. They are being smart this time and making the game downloadable only.   They are making a VF4 EVO-style tutorial mode . I'd like to think they want to work on what's lacking in VF5 this time around, and story is high on that list. It would be so cool and it would attract new players and casual players. At best, in VF5 vanilla we got an implication of the story in the PS 3 intro cutscene: El Blaze is Wolf's enemy,so they fight. Lei Fei is After Lau, so they fight and PAi intervenes. Jacky is concerned for his sister. Brad Has a thing for Aoi, so he comes on to her. Goh is the overall Judgement Six Big Baddie after Dural so he fights last. Back when Sega had tons of money they made the GC portrait series CD series for VF2.
 The secret Dural ending for VF2 Sega Saturn is featured here:

For VF3 they made the most intricate CGI cutscene they ever made for VF: http://youtu.be/3nO9lmDjrL0


For VF4 it's implied that Goh is the' Akuma' to Akira's 'Ryu'. Here is the Goh VF4 EVO intro:

VF5 PS3 intro:



The Hype Cutscene that introduced EL Blaze and EIleen that should have made it to the Disc version(It really Highlighted the antagonism between El Blaze and Wolf. (They need to emphasize that more to make Blaze more popular):



The VF5 Version D Intro cutscene that has cinematic sequeences between Lion and Jeffrey , Goh and Jacky:



The Virtua Fighter 5 R AOU 2008 intro that had a brief cutscene with Jean:



The FinalShowdown AOU trailer:



VF5 bonus scene featuring the girls on the PS3 disc:


Really, all these scenes show Sega VF producers have a flair for the cinematic potential of VF. They just need toput it together in a coherent fashion to make the story tangible for new users. They totally have the resources and talent. In Fact, if you look at the Super Skrull win quote in MVC3, they stole that from Goh in VF 4 EVO. Goh stomps you from the cameraman's perspective when he wins in VF4 and VF5. Skrull imitates that. Obviously I love VF for face value, but a light addition of story cutscenes DOA style would be a great bonus. They ARE taking 10 months from the announcement last August to release the game, after all.


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