Friday, March 23, 2012

Tekken 6 Explanation of the Bound ( B! ) System

Jetlian,AlexLex or whatever  you call yourself you fucking Asshole,now what do you have to say..  Don't get into conversations  about topics  you have no Knowledge of.  You god damned retard, you can float a character after Bound in Low parry.  Now shut the fuck up.  YOU can't because 1: You're a  retard.  and 2: You use a control pad to play fighting games, which is a result of reason 1 .  End the of discussion and don't try to get in debates which me, you ASSHOLE, you're not on my level.  Read and do your research before posting in threads,to avoid making an ass of yourself.  You keep putting your foot in your mouth.You're playing yourself.

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