Tuesday, August 13, 2013

One Frame Kill Pussies Out of NYG 8

Pussy ass Shang chickens out of New York Gathering and turns YELLOW. i knew hat little chinese queer was going to fold.  He made a post on the NYC VF facebook blaming Shag for making the NYG8 page public, and his wife saw it.  What a pussy, his wife wears the pants in that family.  So he had a built in  excuse for not showing.  Doesn't he have enough fucking sense to make a separate facebook account for VF related shit?    I  do.  I don't want any chicks knowing I play video games. 

That little asshole needs to shut down his blog and shut the fuck up forever.  Man up, stop being a pussy whipped little bitch and bring your punk ass to the next tournament. Shang,  your wife isn't going to divorce you for taking one trip without her for 72 hours. 
If she is, it has more to do with your piece of shit personality and your deformed frog-looking face.

  If he's not going to go to a New York tourney which is only a 4 hour drive from Boston, he's not going to any tourneys period.     A pity , I was looking forward to kicking the shit out of this pussy offline and continuing THE WAR ON SHANG.

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