Sunday, February 16, 2014

Godokunodan Challenges Flash to a First to Ten at SEGA CUP 2014!!

For those of you who don't know, SEGA CUP is Sega's annual Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown tournament. $16,000 in prizes will be given away.  The Tournament is Saturday, April 26 2014 at Super Arcade in Walnut California. Alex Vale of Famed Level Up , will be hosting the event.  I go by the gamer handle Godokunodan" (Five Deadly Venoms) and basically terrorize the VFDC gamer population by beating their toons in humilating fashion, record the fight and post it on Youtube. Hilarity Ensues. I Met Chief Flash, the 2008 World Cyber Games VF champ at EVO 2012.  He came up to me and said " I gotta tell you brother, I gotta shake your hand! The Videos you do are hilarious.    "  I was honored. It made me laugh because I was vindicated. Not everybody wants to be overly polite to each other on VFDC! Flash was a like minded person!.  He wouldn't say it on VFDC, because then they would condemn him like they do me.  A few months later, Flash formed One Frame Kill blog with the original VF Troll, SHang.  They took my tactic of filming one beatdown of an opponent and squared it: They decided to compete with each other to beat the hapless player 10 times. And thus the "Rape Room " was born. "Rape " in this instance is in the video game tense: really badly OWNING someone. Which brings us to present day. Flash has transformed into a heel, just like me, and now there are more copy cats coming out of the woodwork and going to the dark side every day.  Jacko, T-Spam, even SDS Overfiend has made a few comments about wanting to become a VF villain . Its great!! I have inspired chaos!!!  Anyway, Shang and crew have currently targeted a member of my NYC_VF crew: Tricky. This will not stand. Tricky is more than capable of defending himself, but if you attack one of NYC VF, you attack us ALL!!   I will take on Chief Flash in a F T 10 match at Sega Cup, since Shang is too pussy to show to Sega Cup, I'll take it out on Flash!!! Nothing Personal , brother!!!

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