Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Pepsolman: Fraud Among Frauds

  It has come to my attention that their is a video of Pepsolman beating me in FS.  It is a fake.  IE this dumbass customized El Blaze to look like mine, went into vs mode with his little brother, beat the fake EL Blaze  and saved the match and uploaded it to Youtube.

   Now let me run a timeline for you.

1) Late March 2013.  I kicked the shit out of Anonymous scrub Pepsolman (easily) and recorded the LOL match with my iPhone and uploaded it.

2) Early April 2013.  I get a message from Youtube saying I have an invasion of Privacy Claim from one said nobody : Pepsolman.   Apparently me uploaded A win screen with his Gamer Tag in the loser column is an invasion of Privacy.  Not only do I send him a Youtube message telling him to FUCK OFF, but I re-record the video just in case Youtube decides to take it down.

3) April 22 Sega Cup.  Post Sega cup I'm checking my emails in Long Beach Airport. I get an e-mail saying someone has been trying to hack into their servers to get my Youtube password and login.  I change my password. #1 person of interest in this Cyber Crime is this little Queer Pepsolman.

4) Late April/Early May 2013.  Pepsolman joins VFDC , and post some video of him beating me in FS.  By this point I don't even remember losing a match to this Asshole.   It's so long ago I couldn't remember clearly.  I found it suspicious he didn't have a win Screen with my Gamertag posted.  I LOLed at the Windows-Voice app he was using.  It was so fucked up an annoying I couldn't watch past halfway through the first round.

5)  Sept 2014:   My Spies brought to my attention that Katabama-Hindu-Boy or whatever his name is was posting that BS Pepsolman vid in the shoutbox.  Now, I looked at this crap video.  THAT SHIT IS A FAKE.  One that shit doesn't have my Gamertag anywhere .  Two, that EL Blaze doesn't play like me at ALL.  It looks like somebody who never played El Blaze in their life.

                                                That brings to where we  are here.  That shit is a total Fake, a desperate, pathetic attempt to save face, after making false claims to Youtube and trying to hack youtube itself have failed.   That is fucking pitiful.  Really its apt, because if this dude is using Windows-Voice to speak, he must be mentally handicapped.  The first time I saw that crap, I felt sorry for the dude, so I really didn't go hard trolling him after that. I draw the line somewhere and picking on a mental cripple is it.  I equate that to pushing an old lady down a flight of stairs.

       As for the video, I actually watched that garbage (with the sound off That Robo-Voice is too annoying).   That's DEFINITELY not me.  One he doesn't use ANY of the El Blaze moves I favor using.  You dont see me using the rocket discharge, the low drop kick, the Venus Roll Upper-cut/Kick combo. Nothing.  If that was actually me , you would see me using Back crouch dash to buffer into Shadow Hammer.  I basically play EL Blaze the same way I did in Vanilla. A staple of my Vanilla set ups is to suppress opponents with repeated 14 frame elbows to set them  up for a throw.     Ignoring all that, that EL Blaze DOESN'T BLOCK ONCE IN THE ENTIRE VIDEO.  I suspected that shit was a fake in the first place, actually watching it confirmed it.  Whatever, the dude has Cerebral Palsy or some shit, so I'll just leave him alone.


              Right before Sega Cup  Raziel and I took turns kicking his ass in Room Matches.  That is me with my name clearly posted http://www.twitch.tv/godokunodan999/c/3677840. He stole 1 and only 1 match against me while I was using my day-1 Lion.  Even then, it went to 5 rounds, and in the third round I could have easily finished him: He rushed in with a lunging Kick, which I evaded. He's at -13, I could have easily launched his n00b ass. Not being adept with Lion I slipped up and did 1pp, in a failed input I was going for 41236P to combo.  I could have launched him. Watching that shit you see the mistake, I was playing him like he's a real player.  You have to play a scrub like he's a scrub.  In Round 4 he won the round doing some 2p spam.  Garbage.  I should have just elbowed that n00b into OBLIVION.  Just n00bify his n00b ass.  Being just my Day-1 Lion, I was using minimal damage combos instead of max damage combos otherwise I could have shut him down 3-0 rounds.  Mastering FS Lion is on my Bucket list.
       N00bify is what I do when besting the shit out of a scrub with tactics and moves a real player would easily counter or avoid.   He sucks .  The dude is beneath contempt.  When I switched to Vanessa he got FUCKING DESTROYED REPEATEDLY and left the room in frustration.

Here's the link to the room match massacre: http://www.twitch.tv/godokunodan999/c/3677840

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