Sunday, June 28, 2015

Latest War on Shang Video Moved to Veoh.com! (UPDATED AUGUST 8th 2015)

    Bullshit UMG and Eminem filed a claim against the War On Shang Tet Offensive video, and it got muted.   Honestly, they are being cunts.  The main song that they got the video muted over is Renegade, and its a 14 year old song. They should be grateful ANYBODY is still playing that shit, it gets no airplay anymore.  My video is probably the most airplay that song has gotten in ten years.
     Anyway, the War on Shang video uses SIX other songs, and all six other owners of the songs just monetized the video so they get paid based on the click traffic .

    So basically UMG music and cunt Eminem not only screwed me over, but the owners of the other six songs as well.  They could have NOT been cunts and just monetize the video like everybody else did.  Whatever. Its on Dailymotion.  http://www.dailymotion.com/Godokunodan

  I will put it on Veoh, Facebook,  Stagevu , Twitch, and anywhere else I feel like.. UMG can eat shit.  I WILL NOT BE STOPPED!!!
UPDATE: The video was taken down on Daily Motion( Daily Motion is an unorganized mess)
I put it up on Veoh.com, and it is still up there .  Here is the link   

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