Saturday, August 8, 2015

Capcom Can EAT SHIT!!!

  Damn it, those Funky Bastards are gonna pay!!!    Capcom, aka Crapcom won't let me monetize youtube videos. What fucking game company puts audio visual copyright claims on game footage?!?!? Its a sacrilege .  Even Nintendo, douche bags that they are, only take 10% of your monetization earnings.  Now I don't feel bad for not selling out Virtua Fighter to do Street Fighter videos.   It was tempting though, because ONE of my Marvel vs Capcom videos got 36,000 views, that's almost half of my total views in 4 years.
Sweet Chin Music!!!

Time to die, ASSHOLE!

Fucking Blanka Ultra

    Whatever, fuck Capcom. I'm excited for Street Fighter V, I may upload some matches.  However, no way am I going to give it the VFWarlord Production treatment and produce it to an episode of FIGHTERS CORNER quality.  That takes too much time and energy, and it's not worth the effort if Crapcom is going to copyright strike it right off the bat.  I already gotta worry about getting copyright strikes for music.
Cannon Drill!

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