Thursday, December 1, 2016

Rumor: DESTINY ONE Characters Will NOT Carry Over To DESTINY 2!!!!

Update:  This rumor has been debunked.  Your Character and loadouts will transfer over to Destiny 2.  HOWEVER, Bungie HAS remove Three of Coins from Xur's merchandise.  THEN WHY HAVE XUR EVEN FUCKING SHOW UP THEN?????  ASSHOLE LUKE SMITH did this.  Fucking Bungie..............................

 If this is true, FUCK Bungie.
This is a classic example of a developer getting too cocky, thinking they can piss off their fanbase and will somehow spawn a new one with their sequel/revamp.They tried it with Star Wars Galaxies, FAILED. They Tried it with VF5 Final Showdown, FAILED.  Now they are potentially trying it with Destiny 2.

Don't you dare delete my Warlock, Bungie, you Motherfucks.
     Look, it took me YEARS to get the collection of weapons armor and characters I have with Destiny one.  I do NOT feel like starting all over.  One of the reasons I haven't bought the Division yet is because of the time commitment it will take to build up a character.
         Now in the opening paragraph, I talked about Destiny's existing fanbase... That fanbase exists because of the few things Bungie has done right with this series:  the exotic weapons and armor.   For me, the main appeal of this game besides the epic Raids is the ingenious and unique perks and special properties of the exotic weapons and armor.    The Year one Exotics are light years better than the year two and three exotics.   He's the thing,  Bungie had Destiny in development for 5 years before it was released.    That means they had 5 years to brainstorm , innovate and refine the exotic weapons etc, like GJALLARHORN.   The Gjallarhorn and year one exotics like it are the heart and soul of Destiny.   The only new exotic even halfway as good as the year one EWs is the Sleeper Simulant.
Behold, Excalibur Jr.

     The way I elevator pitch Destiny to my friends (who are hesitant to buy it because of the paper thin story)  is Destiny is more like a TV series than a movie.   The DLC expansions are episodes.

This is a double edged sword however:  Much like a TV show where the pilot and first season are light years better than  their subsequent seasons <cough> Game of Thrones<cough> Arrow<cough>
Bungie seems to be out of ideas and all their DLC expansions and new Exotic Weapons pale in comparison to their predecessors.  WHY?  Bungie is out of ideas.

    Just let us transfer our fucking characters over to Destiny 2, and focus on fixing and continuing the story. Tie up the 1,000,000 lose ends (if you haven't written yourselves into a corner already).   Do NOT try to focus on populating the game with a completely new Arsenal of Exotic weapons.  House of Wolves and Taken King have proven you are incapable of that, Bungie.  Don't get me started on Rise of Iron.  I have never been less inclined to redo a Raid ever.  Talk about buyer's remorse.
Remember THIS Chick? Is Bungie ever going to continue her story? Or are they going to just wipe out our character every 3 years to distract us from the fact that the storytelling SUCKS in this franchise?

The Exo Stranger was voiced by Lauren Conrad ( The Walking Dead).

    Case in point, Bungie cant afford not to let us transfer our favorite exotic weapons and character subclasses over to Destiny 2: that's ALL the brand has going for it at this point.  Bungie can NOT make a story contrivance to explain away your characters getting wiped.  Have you played Rise of Iron? Story is their weakest area of game development.

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