Monday, June 5, 2017



  VFWARLORD is always at the cutting edge of internet trends.   The Patreon page is designed to facilitate more high quality content at a regular pace.   You may not notice it but a lot of work goes into editing my premier videos, the Fighters Corner series.  It takes me 5 hours to edit a 5 minute video.  The War on Shang Tet Offensive Video, for example, took nearly two months.  There was a special effect in  that video, the "Street fighter Alpha effect" trailing Vanessa , that took over a month to get right.  It was only conceptual and theorectical.  I worked out a way to get it done on Sony Vegas given the tools availiable.      I thought it up and executed it on my own, without the help of a tutorial.   A short effect like that, which was only on the screen for a few seconds, can take over a month of experimenting and trial and error..

                                             As I up the ante for the production value of these videos, the time required to make them is extended.  Join my Patreon to gain access to my new videos early .  $5 a month gains you access to all videos.   $15 a month enters you into a raffle to get a random game free.  You definitely want to contribute to the AUGUST PATREON, because the game being raffled will be DESTINY 2.  If you like in the continental United States and you win the raffle, DESTINY 2 will be shipped to you via Federal Express.  I have a strong lead that I may get Destiny 2 at least four days before the September 8th release date.  Ergo us raffle entries have a chance of playing DESTINY 2 at least 3 days before anyone else in the country.   Game on.

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