Monday, August 13, 2012

Fighters Corner Goes LIVE!!

There hasn't been a full episode of Fighter Corner in a while. I know you guys cant wait.  Part of the reason while I was capturing lots of matches daily, they really weren't great matches and most of the guys I was beating down were such n00bs it wasn't even worthy of FIGHTER'S CORNER.  Besides that I've been working on Production for the episodes. I'm not getting the most out of Pinnacle Video capture software, it is capable of so much more.  So I've been working on integrating more of Pinnacle's special effects features into the new episodes, to add some  production value. It doesn't have the greatest instructional faqs or tutorials so bear with me. 

   That said, I took my first stab at LIVE Streaming today.  I used split TV broadcasting software.  The results weren't that great because I was using the trial edition. Whatever, I will snag a premiere version of the broadcasting software off the NET for FREE. I'm not paying for that crap. Anyway, the next batch of videos will be FULL size and the archives will be whatever length I want. the Trial version is a piece of shit and only lets you upload small size videos and the archived video can only be 30 seconds.  they aren't going to blackmail me with a shitty trial version and force me to buy the full version.  They can kiss  my ass.

Anyway, the 99 (!) videos I did so far are on http://www.twtch.tv/godokunodan999.
Sorry Twitch TV takes archived  videos down if they don't get a million views.


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