Monday, November 12, 2012


DISCLAIMER: VFWARLORD.COM does not promote hate for Asian people .  I don't hate Asian people , I don't even hate  Shang, but if you smack me I smack you back.  It's that simple. I'm pragmatic .

Shag the chinese trout-mouth dickbreath bastard from VFDC who likes to talk shit on the internet because 'there is no consequence'  has gone and fucked with the wrong New Yorker.   This racist  asian asshole likes to throw the "'n-. word" around too much,  trying to mask his  overt racism by ending it with an 'a' instead or   an 'r'.   And he's not saying it to be 'down' he's  the geekiest most assimilated chinese americanized dork chinese banana (see Harold and Kumar) I've ever seen.  I don't give a fuck what his reasons are,  he used that shit to address me,  big fucking mistake.     There's a bull's-eye on your face, charlie chan.   it's PANDA season!!!   That fu manchu may get away with that shit in boston where it's like 2% black people, but getting out of pocket with me is a one way trip to broken jaw city.  

     Just for starter's I'm going to destroy his bullshit spammy garbage Wolf.    Oh yeah I'm back on XBL early just to destroy this asshole.   I'm hunting him down,  and I'm not doing his faggot-ass homoerotic rape room bullshit.  He''ll have to  fight me one on one without his butt-buddy chief flash holding his hand.   I'll  see this chinese prick in ranked on my terms one on one TO THE DEATH.  
                                     This Asshole is now number one with a bullet on my Bingo Book

This time Shang let his mouth write a check that his ass can't cash.  Excerpt from Oneframekill, before the little shit can delete it:

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