Saturday, November 17, 2012


Hunting Down Shang Yang,  the little troll with a big mouth from Boston.   Actually when I went To Boston Last April for the PAX EAST  Final Showdown Preview,I was hoping to own this loser offline.   He didn't show, but one of his disciple's Masang Lion did.  

           I hate it when these so called pro-players don't even show up to events in their own backyard.  Currently this pansie has resorted to being an online warrior, and he and Cheif Flash (who he is hiding behind) are running something called the r*pe room.  Who do they think they are?Uday and Qusay  Hussein?
You saw how THEY ended up.  Basically their r room works like this they compete  to see who can score ten wins on the victim first.

          Lol. That being funny aside,  Shang got out of line with me on One frame kill.  It's on.  He's stopped being amusing and now he's just another Target.  NUMBER ONE with a bullet on the Bingo Book.(See www.vfwarlord.blogspot.com for details on the bingo book).

Its VFwarlord.Blogspot.com vs' oneframekill .com   .  The EPIC war than will engulf the whole VF community!!

This is the first salvo in Operation Shanghai Storm  :


 The Mother of all wars has begun!  Cue Shangs Uncle doing the theme music.


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