Monday, April 29, 2013



WHAT THE FUCK.  THE MAY 26 North East Taskforce was NOT posted in VFDC at all.  I PMED Dai and OH about the $100 incentive. He was not too hopeful about VF being included in any further tournaments.  He basically said he needed to talk over the Future of VF in the Sat tourneys with the NYC VF guys.  If that ever happened he never got back to me.  The May 26 tourney wasn't posted in the events section. I assumed VF was dead in the water as far as NYC tournaments go.

Lately the Team stickbug Tournament at Next level has been getting smaller and smaller.  Three weeks ago, Only myself and Jacko showed up.  The nect months tourney after that we had about 7 people, even Denkai showed up.  Then this past weekend at the April 27 North East Taskforce Tourney, only 4 of us showed up . You  can imagine how disappointed the organizer, Dai and OH was.

    I understand in the current abysmal economic climate, a lot of people don't have the means to make every tourney. But come on, god damn it its only $15!     Then there's the people who only play the tourneys when there's a lot of people , increasing the prize money.  That is a self fullfilling prophecy fucking the VF tourneys up. Some wont join because there aren't a lot of people joining, but then you are part of the problem.
People need a little moire incentive.   VF is an awesome game in and of itself!!! If your fighting spirit is waning, and not enough to make you want to enter the battlefield, perhaps a Benjamin will.  VFWARLORD.com will hereby donate $100 to the MAY 26 NorthEast Taskforce VF FS prize pot.

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