Tuesday, April 9, 2013

GodokuNoDan Does Not Negotiate With Terrorists

        This fucking Holiday Inn Towel Head Kamais Ookin is a desperate try hard.  The fucking asshole tries to call me out to a FT10 . Please .  Fuck you Kumar, or whatever your fucked up name is.  Stay the fuck out of my face at Sega Cup.  Know your role.  I don't recognize the little fuck head punk bitches who joined VFDC long after I left.  Especially not the shitheads who joined after FS came out : triple Fuck You.  Go back to the piece of shit Capcom games you came from.

   It's like this , VFDC went down the tubes shortly after the intial VF5 craze died down .  Srider stopped posting there , Ice 9 stopped posting, all the VF3 and VF4 era pros stopped posting there .
The place got repopulated with this small group of British Wanker faggots that use the shout box as their personal Gaylord chat room.  Feck, Kaiser , Seidon fucking gay ass buttfucker losers.  Feck kept pestering me on my YouTube channel talking shit, and when I blocked him he started posting here on VFWARLORD.Blogspot.com talking more shit.  He actually thought if he gets on my nerves enough, I will put his name in the Bingo Book .  It doesn't work that way.  Some people  , like Sudden Death are in the bingo book merely because they are really good players and I want to take them down.

The only exception to the rule is T-Spam. He's a shit player and a jackass.  I fucking hate that faggot. But if I put every Queer ass VFDCer that I can't stand on the Bingo Book, it would be 100 pages long.  In short FUCK Feck , he's a piece of shit , a scrub player and he's not a real VFer.  I have no respect for him and I don't acknowledge him, the only reason I'm mentioning him now is he falls in exactly the same category as Kunt-rag Ookin here.  I'll pimp slap you back to Johnny Quest , Haji!!! Bim Bim Sala Bim!!!

  The remainder of the place was full of n00bs and Xbox fanboy ASSHOLES that only got into VF after VF5 Online was released on XBOX 360.

   Kamais Ookin is one of those homo - ass Xboxers.   If you are one of those people FUCK YOU.  You aren't a real VFer , you  are a fraud.   You aren't fit to challenge me to anything . You're a fucking joke.  Don't waste my time . If anything I would first to ten against higher quality players, Like LA Akira, Plague, Cheif Flash or other know real players who don't live in my own back yard, NYC.

Why would I waste my time on some immature Canadian cunt who looks like an extra from the Hurt Locker.  Fuck off or I will go Jack Bauer on your terrorist ass.
I've been playing this game since 1993 in the god damn arcades.  If you haven't , you're not on my level.
  So, Asshole Ookin, at Sega Cup, for your own good, don't approach me, don't make eye contact with me, and if you see me coming down the street , cross to to other side quick.

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