Tuesday, January 27, 2015


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  • Fighter's Corner  Season 3 is now uploaded.  Kept you waiting huh? Thanks to my loyal subscribers who stuck with Godokunodan Youtube channel while Fighter's Corner was undergoing a redesign. *****(See footnote about that below.) Season 3 will start off better than Season 2, and I can guarantee halfway through season 3 will be 100 percent better than Season 3 episode one.  I had some ideas to improve FC, and it took some time to learn the new editing software to make my new design ideas a reality. FG format is always changing.  I don't like to rest on my laurels.   This first video is a prototype of things to come.
       Originally FC was a countdown series to VF5 FS.  VF 5 fight analysis as we await FS.  Now FC is a countdown series to the inevitibe announcement of VIRTUA FIGHTER 6.  Please God, may Sega come to their senses and bring the series back to the gameplay style of VF4 FT and VF5.

****(If you are a Godokunodan YT subscriber or a Godokunodan 999 subscriber, list your main Character in VF and your email address. I have something planned to show my appreciation of your support).

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