Thursday, February 19, 2015


He can't play VF5.  He CLAIMS he played VF2 back in 1997 (3 YEARS after its release , lol) but when Shang asked him which characters could sidestep in VF2, he could only remember Shun. Lol its SHUN AND LION dumbass, that's a no-brainer.   STEP UP TO MY LEVEL AND PLAY VANILLA VF5 , I'M NOT STEPPING DOWN TO YOURS.

Anyway Shang, the Chinese Nazi set up a FT10 between me and Blackstrap. I set the terms: VF2 rules best of 3 rounds, high walled rings and VF5 as the main game.  The Fucking Haitian pussy Blackstrap chickens out.  He's such a scrub he doesn't even know VF5.  Fucking FS playing morons. They like that garbage because they don't know any better. These fucking new jacks are coddled and soft with their lazy throw escapes , tracking strings and best of 5 round matches .
Am I the last REAL VF player alive? Am I the Last Dragon?

What's annoying about Blackstar?  He calls that medicated psycho STL Tim "Tim Sensei".  He constantly 
refers to RAW matches as "Pokemon Gym Battle matches".  For equating VF with Pokemon , he deserves a bash in the face with a Cricket Bat.  Worst of all, he keeps suggesting FS is the best version of VF of all time.  When anyone calls him on it, he backpetals and flip flops and says he loved the older versions.  This guy should be a politician, he's so full of shit.   These new FS players are intolerable.

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