Thursday, February 19, 2015


And now because YOU demanded it, the UNCLE TOM OF THE YEAR AWARDS!!!

The Nominees are:


And the winner is....../Drumroll.......
JACKO !!!! YOU FAT FUCK!!! You FUCKING CALIFORNIA RASIN!! Congratulations!! Your prize is a tub of SlimFast powder mix!!!!

You drink that shit this time asshole, Lose weight, bitch tits!!!You fat faggot!!! What happened to the Tape before NYG 8? On Harpooneer's AVERMEDIA LGP>>> I beat your ass 14 times. You punk bitch. You won more, but I beat your stupid ass 14 times. During the set Harpooneer's like "Guys, I have an LGP set up press the button to turn it on." I do it, its CLEARLY RECORDING, and  beat a raincheck into Jacko's string spamming ass.  Next week I ask Harpooneer where's the tape from then LGP last week. he snaps " I don't know!!!' all defensive.  Cunts.  He erased it for a cover up for that fat fuck.

This stupid fucking FAT poser tried to call me black as midnight. Look you retarded fat shithead. We are both just garden variety black people: Brown Skinned. You are Fucking stupid. If you are browner than a Brown Paper Bag, you're JUST BLACK. ok ?? Asshole, you are not light skinned , you are in no position to talk about somebodies complexion .  You're self hating black man, no wonder you're an Uncle Tom.  Jacko is resident Token and Slave to Shang Yang, the most Racist Chinese Nazi I have ever met. He's not racist towards all races , mind you, just African Americans. He's NWO's MASCOT , their pet. Liked a prized pig.  I'm gonna start calling that fat little toad "Igor". Jacko doesn't have a problem with that because he is a fat bastard with no self esteem.  The self hating Black asshole looks and acts like Uncle Ruckus from the Boon Docks.

      Look, James Brown was a Dark skinned Black man, and he embraced it.   He made the song, "BLACK AND PROUD". You know what? That is the official VFWARLORD theme song.   That's the problem today, we got too many Black people who don't want to be Black.  We got those sell outs and Oreos, who say "I'm 1/4 Cherokee" or "I'm half Italian" . Really, you don't look Italian Bitch, you look fucking Black.  AFRICAN.,  Deal with it.  Native Africans are mad Dark. We got diluted because our ancestors were raped in Slavery by White Slave owner's .  That's not something to be proud of and gravitate towards.  If anything we should laud people for being darker.  In fact I'm going to Jamaica this summer and getting a Sun Tan..  Happy Black History Month Everybody, and don't be an Uncle Tom Oreo cunt like Jacko. (Clarence Thomas' bastard son).

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