Friday, November 11, 2016

The Vanessa DURAL Connection

The official story for VF5 is that Vanessa was abducted by J6 as a test subject for the DURAL project.   She was subsequently rescued, but not before her data was scanned for the Next Generation DURAL.   Since VF historically doesn't have much in the way of cut scenes, there

isn't much in the game to emphasize this part of the storyline.  I was able to dig up this wallpaper, with Vanessa in the foreground and DURAL in the background.  Enjoy.  Ergo, as a Vanessa player,  my use of DURAL is in accord with the cannon and totally legit.  FUCK YOU GUYS!!!!

Previously in all previous versions of Virtua Fighter, DURAL was believed to   be a cyborg
created from Kage Maru's mother.
In fact, in the sole cut scene in Saturn VF2, DURAL is seen with the armor falling off her face to reveal the face of Kage's mother.    

In the opening promo cut-scene for VF3,  Kage is seen looking at a recorded video of his mother.  The image then morphs into DURAL.

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