Friday, September 2, 2011

  • Down P+K gives good advantage on Block. Basically any move that gives good advantage on block is what you want to start your offessive with, followed up by short quick attacks to take advantage of the + frame advantage.
    Other notable advantage on block moves are:
    Tornado spin punch ,P+K+G , p
    Offensive move kick up P+K+G , K(this move gives everybody advantage on block.
    • Posted Jul 15,
  • Forward roll, HCF P, then P, k does high damage. Get used to using that as much as Ryus fireball. El Doesnt have many high damage one hit moves. his strengths are his combos, his staggers and his high number of special highs.
    Special highs are moves that will counter- hit a crouching opponent if they try to low punch or low kick.
    The nitaku situation is this, After you stagger an opponent, they are either going to break the stagger and block, or break the stagger and low punch-kick.
    So if the guy your fighting is really good, he'll see what you do after a stagger first. If hes somewhat good he'll low punch or low kick, , and if he sucks , he'll break stagger and block.
    So if he does nothing throw him with your highest damaging throw. If hes ok do a special high like up P+K, uf P+K ,k , then combo with whatever you can, preferably p,p f+P, k and stomp.
    Also his stance turn (Demon something or the other) P+K+G sabaki's (deflects, parries) high punches and kicks, giving you again the above nitaku situation, special High or throw. A third choice is hit him with your hit throw, b, dfP+K, f+P+G, only if you SAbaki(deflect ) his high kick. An opponent that is parried doing a high kick takes a while to recover, and the Scratch rush hit throw (b,dfP+K, f+P+G ) does maximum damage.
    still working on El Blaze, Ive got some other choice tactics and info on him, more latter.
    Ok , to follow up, DIRECTLY after Scratch rush hit throw,hit forward. It will cause El Blaze togo directly into the Rocket Discharge.   From  Rocket DC, do the high throw.  Fantasm.. It does high damage. B,F K, pp ,then hold Forward, that is another combo that shortcuts directly into Rocket DC, when running at the opponent,observe what he  does. This is your nitaku during the Rocket discharge. If your opponent stays standing, Do the Fantasm high throw.. If he Ducks to avoidthe Fantasmor your dropkicks, HIT HIM WITh DF, DF P+K+G   (33P+K+G) it is El Blazes Low throw ,  the SPREAD WING. It is a flying DDT ! It does Heavy Damage that will END your opponent.

                           El Blaze has lots of cool features.  His DB P+K causes crumple.  he has an easy (lag permiting) hit throw, P+K+G, k,then when K hits,P+G.
     VF5 has a feature (which unfortunately will be removed form VF5 FS) where you can low throw an opponent who is in stomach crumple.  El Blaze has two moves that cause Stomach crumple on counter hit: bf P+K(the  Hammer Smash),  and the other is D,F+PK( the Shadow Hammer).  You can buffer directly into Shadow Hammer by crouch dashing, (DF,DF)33,then hit F+P+K..  The only problem with ElBlaze on Xbox Live is the lag.  The  lag makes it impossible to hit check your counter hits that cause stomach crumple.  So you have to do the LOw throw  command (in the case of Spread Wing , 33 P+K+G) in advance before you see if the attack hits. This puts you in a dangerous situation,because  if the attack is blocked or it's a normal hit,  your opponent wont stomach crumple and you will be stuck doing a whiffed low throw animation. In other words,your F---ed.  You can get comboed and possibly lose because of this. 
        Another cool low throw option is DP+K+G, then K+G. The kick will nail your opponent as he reels from the low throw, doing great damage.
                             Also when you catch somebody in an untechable knockdown,  you can okizeme (ground attack)them with UB P+K (7 P+K) . Its a flipping splash. It's a great okizeme move because it flips over low rising kicks,and if your opponent is prone near  the wall,you can land it on him twice before he can stand.  UP and P+K , the Jumping Hammer Knuckle is a good move to do if you are at disadvantage . It jumps over lows and you cann PPPk combo  off of it.

    My advice is if you land a stomach crumple on Xbox Live and you're   not willing to risk miss landing the low throw because of lag,  opt to pppk combo him instead for some guaranteed damage.

    When rising from crouch,hit k to do Blazes knee launcher for easy Pppk combo damage.  Just don't abuse it. It's slow and you can get punished if they read it.


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