Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Week Back on XBL

I ordered an XBox 360 slim  August 18, thursday. I thought,"why don't I test fate,and buy another 360? No VF5 FS announcement was in sight,and most likely the only way to play VF5 online will always be Xbox. Wouldn't it be ironic if Sega announced Final Showdown for consoles after I bought a 360?" ( I currently had a  PS3, so a VF5 FS announcement would most likely be on PS3 and have multiplayer,solving my mp vf fix.)

    Anyway, my first few matches were against scrubs.   Then some Jacky player kicked my El Blaze's ass. Mind you , I'm mad rusty.   The only VF playing I've done in the past year was mastering Akira's  1-Frame Knee (see above vid  )  .  So yeah I beat him 2 out of  five rounds,  but he won the match. Mind you, I had not yet secured my arcade stick to its stand tray, or the stand tray to the floor.  Hence my rigorous aggressive move inputs were shifting the stick all over the place,  and screwing up,or delaying my inputs.
A few days later I played an Akira player who was pretty good.he beat me a few times.I still hadn't secured my stick to its stand,so again my inputs were allover the place. It was still fun,and I actually used the Akira's 1-Frame Knee in a match!! Al that practice paid  off!    I got around to securing my stick and stand firmly in place,  now its ON!!!   Now I just have  to set up my wired connection.   In those preliminary matches I was using wi-fi,questionable for VF online. If you want spot on screen to stick
parity,    you have to use a hardline!

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