Friday, September 2, 2011

Virtua Fighter 5 FINAL SHOWDOWN is coming to consoles!

Here's some background on VF5 FS:

   It's coming to PS3  and Xbox 360 as a downloadable game so  "PrepareYourself" for an August 2012 release!


VF5:FS supports TWITTER, all your conquest and rank advancements get reported to yout twitter account.
This will be my ongoing Virtua Fighter 5: Final showdown blog.
Here is the first trailer:
Here is a follow up trailer:
Here's the new Trailer:
see my http://www.1up.com version of this blog as GS is being retarded as usual and wont let me post it here. See updates for it later here.
It will feature news , gameplay tweeks, and most importantly links to videos of matches being played in Japanese arcades. WHEN not if, this game come to U.S. consoles, it will feature videos of matches played on Playstation network and XBox live (I'm buying both versions). When you see a video link that says http://www.nicovideo.com , copy and paste it in the search field of THIS url http://mmcafe.com/nico.html then click *watch*. Otherwise you will have to register at nico video, assuming you can read japanese for the reg form and they allow us gaijins to register.

Image 126
Don't fuck with Kage.

For example, the first nico video match is the best I've seen, El Blaze vs Vanessa MY TWO MAINS! AWESOME. Check out Vanessa has a new stance the she initiates by doing a jumping spinning heel kick . She lands prone, and from that prone stance she can kick you in the legs, , or toe hold takedown you so she can mount and Pummel you in the face. She actually lands the prone takedown later in the video. It's BRUTAL. Its like a hyper violent version of SHUN'S lie down prone stance , it baits people to attack so you can set them up. She can even do a taunt "come on!" to bait you further. Im goiug on vacation from work when this game comes out on Playstation 3. !!! http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm11275785 AGAIN in case you missed it, COPY AND PASTE this link in to this urls SEARCH FIELD< THEN CLICK THE *WATCH* button on the right.
VF5 final showdown features alot of Zoome vids, Zoome is a HIGH res version of youtube in Japan. YOUTUBE XL still sucks and isnt on this level of res, sadly.
Sarah vs Vanessa. I dont know why Vanessa is so light, like she has vitiliago, but whatever, it must be an optional skin tone you pick up in the item shop. VF5 is full of those for all characters. http://vision.ameba.jp/watch.do?movie=2789001
This youtube ElBlaze video highlights his new moves , also it illustrates something Sega brought back from VF3tb: if you do a full circular spin move and it is blocked, your animation is halted and it animates your attack being deflected. This is highly realistic, and it is a VISUAL CUE to tell you that, you are at HIGH frame disadvantage from getting your move blocked. This is awesome, I loved VF3. Check it out mid-vid Sarah gets her crescent kick blocked, and it shows her kick getting stuffed, stopped cold mid strike leaving her wide open.
EL Blaze Vs Sarah notice El Blaze now has several ground throws, new pounces, and his Scratch rush (hit throw) is changed to add a footsweep, and he can spit green mist in your face to guard breakl you like a real pro wrestler. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39pniy4_w_c
Yet more matches!!!
Keep in mind that these videos are from July's Location Test of Final Showdown, so in a lot of matches, its some n00b vs a seasoned player, and the n00b gets anhillated . It's annoying , and I apologize that some of the fights are not up to my high standards of VF gameplay.
A cool pic of Judgement 6 (the Virtua Fighter version of Shadowloo) monitoring the Tournament. Their assasin, Goh is Fighting Jacky. Jean Kujo, a new VF5 :R character and J6 member, is watching the fight with his bosses.

sorry GS says they dontb have the space for the pic.
More nico video vids
Blaze vs. Kage

Blaze vs. Akira

Blaze vs. Goh

Blaze vs. Jeffry

Blaze vs. Brad

Blaze vs. Sarah

Blaze vs. Wolf

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