Saturday, March 30, 2013

Tricky taken down by Godokunodan !!!

March 5th , 2013. A day that will live in infamy.  It all went down at Next Level Arcade .  Godokunodan VF Shogun (Warlord for you gaijins). Took out Tricky in a first to five.   Lol , I have nothing against the dude, he's not on the Bingo book. It's just a personal benchmark in my progress in Final Showdown.  Tricky beat me a good amount of times in our final set in the last days of VF vanilla online.  He beat me at the couple of team stickbug tourneys we fought  . And he beat me consistently in a set we played at Summer Jam.  So all credit where credit is due he is no push over
. Eileen is a rush down character and if you give her any chance to build some momentum she will steamroll you.  I haven't had a chance to check out the video of the fight , it was on NYC_VF on twitch. Com  but twitch deletes videos after a few days .

     Honestly I wasn't sure I could take him.   I studied how he plays at one point, but by the time I got that down he added Evade dash cancel guard to the mix, which complicates things.  That may have been a key factor to me beating him actually . I tried out EDCG on the dojo training mode, it is the last lesson.  Basically I could only pull it off 2/5 of the time consistently .  If he was doing EDCG and only pulling it off , say, 3/5 of the time , that would explain why he was getting hit and comboed.  I didn't get to watch the replay, my computer was down at the time and my asshole brother didn't pay his cable bill that week so I couldn't watch it at his house.  The best part about it was Hayato's hilarious drunken commetary .  That dude is a comic genius! Anyway since I don't have the video,  here is a commemorative painting to mark the occasion, done by yours truly, Godokunodan .   I included the pre-painted pencil drawings I did as well.

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